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Default I can do this

Today at my WW meeting, we talked about our achievement ladder and where we feel we are at. 0% being "I can't do this" and 100% being "I am doing this". I felt like I was around 70% which meant "I think I can do this".

I've been feeling so good these last couple of days and feeling like there is a little bit less of me. For many weeks I have been gaining and gaining and gaining not knowing what it REALLY is that's causing all this gaining. Of course, I've been to the doctor many times thinking maybe it's not my food habits (which it ultimately is) but something health oriented. Well, I"m working on that aspect but most definitely it is also food habits. If I'm only more honest with myself but I get caught up in the emotional eating.

Anyhow, I had a success today and I lost 4.2 pounds in the last week. Some of it was water weight (thanks to PMS), I think, but a loss nonetheless. Yippee! I haven't had a loss in many, many weeks. Also, I've been consistent with fitting in at least 20-30 minutes of some form of exercise each day. Usually it's more than that.

A new challenge for me this week... my schedule. With working full time, starting a new class, ending my bible study tonight, and the second night of this class, plus a special event this weekend that will take up both Friday night and all day Saturday, I'm really not sure how I'm going to fit in enough exercise for it to be beneficial to me. Any ideas?

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Hi Julzchicki!

For many years I worked TWO JOBS as I raised my family, did the lion's share around the house and TRIED to lose weight. For me it was impossible! I was SOOOOOOO stressed out all the time, and I KNOW I ate to comfort my poor stressed out and scattered self! I was so busy that I completely forgot ME in my "To Do" list as well!

About seven years ago I saw a picture of my big fat self with a HUGE double chin and was COMPLETELY DISGUSTED at the person I had become! I was caring for everyone EXCEPT myself! How did I let that happen?!!!

I started reading everything I could about weight loss. I began walking a little at a time each day during lunch break at school. I cut out fast food. I watched the fat levels I was eating. I started drinking water instead of soda. The weight started coming off, and I began receiving compliments on my clothing for probably the first time in over TWENTY YEARS!

Over these seven years I have tweaked my plan A LOT, but I still continue to walk. In the good weather I'm up and out before the sun (and before the dogs even!) When the weather is bad, I'm in my livingroom walking with Leslie Sansone or doing some other DVD workout.

It takes some planning to get up early, but I became so used to it that even on our trip to Orlando I set the clock for 6:00AM and did six miles before anyone else got up! I was proud that I went on vacation and actually LOST WEIGHT!

For me it was all about getting my feet on the floor. Once my feet were on the floor, I was awake enough NOT to roll over and reset the clock. On days that I thought I MIGHT be tempted to sleep in, I actually dressed in my workout clothes as pajamas -even down to the socks - so that all I had to do was pee, put on my walking shoes and GO!

I found if I planned my exercise then planned my rest of my morning around THAT, I was able to always fit it in. Walking and the other things I mentioned helped me lose 30 pounds in about six months. I got firmer also, so I dropped several sizes pretty quickly.

I am now retired but STILL am up early to exercise! I usually have my morning workout finished by 9:00AM. If I want to add more I can, but I feel good that at least my big workout of the day is completed early before I get going on anything else and get sidetracked.

You can do this! For me the trick when I was working was to get it in BEFORE anything or anyone could interrupt me.

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Julzchiki, yes you CAN do this! I too used to think I didn't have time to fit the exercise in.....I was too busy hauling kids around, being mom, wife, coach, chauffer, and many other hats in the middle. I changed the way I think about exercise. It's no longer something I try to fit in, it's something that I approach as a daily event, like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. It's just something you do without fail. Again, you can do this...good luck to you!
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Hi Julzchiki

I agree with Cheryl - it's a bit hard to get into the habit, but I find that getting up early to exercise is the way to go. Once I did it for a week, it got much easier - I actually wake up more easily at 6 than I do at 6:45. My trick is to place the alarm across the room - you actually have to get out of bed to turn it off. The morning workouts are great because then the exercise doesn't get shoved aside as life creeps on you throughout the day. Also, it just gets my day off to a good, positive start - I don't want to eat junk later in the day and spoil the exercise that I got up early to do.

Good luck!
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Work with your body's natural time clock. Are you a morning person or a night person? I myself am a complete night person. I can stay up as late as I want or go to bed at dinner time.. and I will still end up getting out of bed at the last minute. I am just not a natural morning person. For me, working out in the AM is a complete struggle. I would like to start integrating it more into my life but in the meantime I am just as content working out late at night. I work two jobs, 70 hours a week. I also so nanny.. so if you add that in then I am working 80+ hours. There isn't much time left over for much of anything. Working out at the end of my day helps release stress and allows me to unwind. But to each his own. Find what works best for you!
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Cheryl: Great reply to this post. I had to laugh about being in your workout clothes overnight. THAT's commitment.
I have to agree with all that said you have to either get up early or stay up late to get it all in. I'm still in the busy time of life, working a full time job, running kids all over the place, and a husband with his own business (translation: he's not a lot of help). I have been getting up at 5:00 to walk. I used to do it all the time and am getting back to it. It's dark outside, but I don't mind that (I live out in the country, so all I have to fear are the skunks!).
I remember when I first started posting here, I was complaining about not having any time to exercise. I can't remember who (I think it was Angihas), but someone matter-of-factly told me that it was my choice whether it was more important to have that extra time to sleep, or if it was better to change my life. That hit me like a ton of bricks and I totally agree with her. I'll probably never forget that statement.
Sounds like you're up for the challenge! Good for you!
This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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