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Default CHIPS 4 Breakfast... oy!

Hey all--

I started the morning off a bit rough. I literally, as the title says, ate a small bag of chips for breakfast. I know the day is not ruined; I can make up for the chips yet today.

I think I need to start going to the gym early in the morning again. It made me really tired because I work 2 jobs.. and yet it seemed to give me a bit of a routine to stick to.

I was feeling a bit down this morning. I was feeling a lack of support (not from you great people cause this forum is awesome.)

.. About 4 weeks ago my older sister and younger sister were talking and came up with the idea for the 3 of us to meet on Mondays, cook a healthy dinner, discuss our weightloss and do like a weigh-in. Immediately after they brought the idea to me and I agreed to take part my younger sister dropped out and didn't want to do it. So the 1st week was my older sister and myself, and then for the next 2 weeks I was calling her asking if we were getting together and we ended up just talking on the phone briefly on Mondays and weighing ourselves. Last night I said "screw that. I'm gonna do it with or without her", and because I had been the one calling her about it every time I didn't call her. I figured if she really wanted to get together this time she would contact me... which she didn't. Seems so childish but it bothered me to keep being the one to call her about it when it was originally her idea to do it. Stupid? Probably. I guess I am going back to doing this thing on my own (with the support of the 3fc of course.)
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You're right. That bag of chips didn't ruin your day. Just account for it, move on. All you can do.

The lack of real life support can sometimes be overwhelming. Sometimes, in my house, Matt's on board, wanting to wakl, run etc all the time. Today, and the last few days, not so much, which bites, cus this is when I really need him. Maybe sit your sisters down and explain how important their support, help and encouragement mean to you. If they can't help you, you know we're here for you. But I do understand lack of real life support, it can be a huge discouragement, if we let it. I've taken to journaling, it really helps get those frustrations out.

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Well I agree, the bag of chips did not ruin your day. Move on. Forget about it. They're history. What chips?

I could see where you would be greatly disappointed about your sisters. It sure sounded like a great plan. It would have been nice, but absolutely not essential in your weightloss journey. I have said this so many times - it is such a darn solo act. Even WITH support from family. I'm the one doing the work, busting my butt exercising, planning the meals, shopping, cooking, cleaning up. whatever. I'm the one with the restraint and the control. As supportive as my family has been, and as far as hubby goes, it's beginning to lessen. He has started bringing home really bad food. I guess he figures I can "handle" it now. Whatever. Yes my kids compliment me beyond belief and tell me how proud they are of me, but just like they didn't know how fat and miserable (well they knew how fat, jsut not the #) I was, they can't know how happy and relieved I am now. Solo effort. No one can possibly KNOW what it's like. I'm the one living in my skin. It's all up to me, me, me. That's probably why it takes a lot of us so long to get it together. It's really hard focusing on yourself for so darn long. It almost feels wrong. But no, it's not wrong. There is NOTHING more RIGHT. We all deserve this. We just have to be in our own little worlds about it. So be it.

Thank goodness for this place. Could you imagine how alone we'd be without this place? I don't even wanna think about it.
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I need to jump in here to ask you guys for advice. Rockinrobin mentioned that her DH has started bringing home "really bad food" -- which MY DH has done for years. With me gaining and gaining and gaining. Then, when he went to eat some of his "junk", he would get upset because it was mostly (or totally) gone. I've tried to make him stop bringing it into the house -- and tried to explain how addicted I am -- but he just reminds me that it's his house too. Don't get me wrong -- he's glad I'm losing weight, because he was embarrased at how large I had gotten -- but he just does not show ANY support. Any advice -- other than using a skillet on his head?? (just kidding, sort of)
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Hi Kae,

I'm really sorry that your sister's have let you down. It looks like they just havent reached that turning point where they want to re-gain control of their lives and build a different lifestyle. Maybe they will see your progress and you will motivate them and they will want to do this with you in the future. Even if that never happens, please don't let this prevent you from continuing on. Don't let their lack of motivation prevent you from having a more healthy satisfying life.

Hubby and I began this journey together on January 1st. In the beginning, we were both 100% committed and it was marvelous! Then, he started getting a bit lazy about eating on-plan and exercising and this brought me down, too. Now, he is motivated and gung-ho and I've been slipping up on my committment. I agree with Robin...this truly is a solo event. We have to reach down deep inside and pull out whatever it takes to keep going. I am truly grateful for my 3FC friends as I can always find motivation and encouragement. However, these friends can't sit by my side and block access to my mouth...and they can't push my butt out of the chair and out the door to exercise. I'm the only one that can control these things.

Please keep going. We can do this. Just think, this time next year our tickers will be far far to the right!
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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That's probably why it takes a lot of us so long to get it together. It's really hard focusing on yourself for so darn long. It almost feels wrong. But no, it's not wrong. There is NOTHING more RIGHT. We all deserve this.
Robin - that is one of the best statements I have heard to date, and it is soooo on target.
"wrap your brain around the idea that this is for the rest of your life" (thanks Jillybean!)

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You can do it, Kae!!! I find it extremely obnoxious when someone comes up with an idea and I really like it, then it just falls by the wayside in its execution. I don't think you're being silly, but you can do it on your own, and like you said, you have us!!
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I appreciate the well wishes. It really helps. I'm glad to know I am not crazy to be feeling let down. And you are right, I am the only one who can control when my butt gets moving and what gets put into my mouth.

Thanks for all the help!

B.T.W.-- I'm having a salad for lunch.
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Kelly M
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Good for you, Kae! You can do this. We've all eaten something at one time or another and wished we had made a better choice, but it's done, move on. And a salad for lunch? That sounds FABULOUS!!

As hard as it is to deal with when someone you love lets you down, you still can't let it stop you or interfere with your momentum. It's a shame that your sisters are not on plan with you, but as everyone else has said, it is up to you to do what's best for you. My DH wanted to go to Quiznos for lunch a bit ago before he had to leave for work. That is most certainly NOT my first choice. He had some sandwich with mayo, cheese, and all kinds of other things on it and in the back of my mind all I was seeing was points (kinda like seeing dollar signs!). I dealt with the situation and had a Turkey Lite sandwich, or about 2/3 of it anyway, got home and found that it was only 4 WW points for that 2/3 sandwich! He wasn't thinking of my weight loss, wasn't on target with me or helping me, but I still made it work for what I want to accomplish. You can too!
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I too have a husband who is supportive of ME doing what I want to do to lose weight, but he isn't "in it" with me. I try and try and try to get him and the kids to eat right along with me, but inevitably they are going to go their own way. I have told him, just last night in fact, I'm done trying to "make" you see this is right. If you want to lose, great! I'm doing this whether you do or not. It is just as they said - so up to us. As I have heard so many times in my life "If it is to be, it is up to ME!" Keep going! We can and will make it!
~ Lost 137 #s in 2007, then had tragic year in 2012 & regained it all plus some. Now making my way back down again.~

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