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Question Realistic weight loss?

I'm sure this has been discussed many times before. I've tried using the search feature for the forum but, I didn't come up with anything helpful. So, please forgive me for asking this...
What is a realistic and healthy weight loss per month? I've asked my doctor and he said 1-2 kilos (2.2 pounds - 4.4 pounds) per month is his recommendation.
That seems like a small amount to lose and I could imagine getting easily frustrated. At the same time, I understand his reasonings though.
I was just wondering what are other people's opinions regarding this? What have you been told is a realistic amount to lose?
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Here in the states they say 4-8 lbs a month, or 1-2 lbs a week, max. --sumi
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0.5 lb - 2 lbs

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Generally, 1-2 lbs is the weekly maximum for healthy weight loss. That translates into roughly 4-9 pounds per month. I like to think of it in terms of weeks though, because that ensures that you are losing at a steady rate rather than losing nothing during the first two weeks and then 9 pounds during the last two weeks of the month - does that make sense? Essentially, not more than 2 lbs per week is recommended.

I know that may not seem like a lot. But if you loose two pounds per week, in a year you could lose up to 104 pounds that is A LOT! If you aim for 1 lb per week, in a year that can mean a 50 pound weight loss. Also, a bonus of losing at this rate (1-2 lbs per week) is that you will have time to adapt to whatever lifestyle changes you are making. And those lifestyle changes are what will keep the weight off after you have lost it.

However, I do want to add that I'm sure there are medical reasons for which some people must take it slower. That may be a reason why a doctor may recommend that, or the doctor may simply mean that gradual changes are probably easier on our bodies than consistently losing a lot. I always say that I don't want to shock my body with all this weight loss. Nice and easy does it Did your doctor specify why he recommended 2-4 lbs monthly for you?

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Originally Posted by beautifulone View Post
Did your doctor specify why he recommended 2-4 lbs monthly for you?
His reasonings were that he wants me to burn fat and nothing else. He says if you lose 20 pounds in a month that you are burning muscles and tissues and that is not a good thing. And also because in his experience people that slowly lose weight tend to keep it off instead of crash dieters who regain the weight if they don't stick to a healthy diet and exercise regime.
I definitely agree with all that. I guess I just wish that there was some magical pill or cure to lose all this weight quickly...much like most people wish Wouldn't that be heaven?
Thanks to everyone who responded so far. It was really nice to see other people's opinions.
I've decided to find a happy medium and aim for 6 pounds a month. But, I won't be terribly depressed if I don't reach that goal. If it is 2 pounds lost then at least it is something lost. So yeah, 2-6 pounds per month. Hopefully the latter
Thanks again!
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2-4 lbs per month sounds okay if you only have 20 lbs to loose. If you have 100 lbs to loose the first 50 will come off fast... the next 30.. slower.. and the last 20 might seem like forever. My goal for my first month is 10 lbs. I started January 15 and I've lost 9 lbs. For my second month my goal will be dropped to 8 lbs. I've seen some wild numbers here - people losing 5-10 lbs their first week. You must all keep in mind your "time of the month" you could gain 3 lbs that week!

Over the course of this journey it will average out to 1-2 lbs per week... 75 lbs over 1 year is realistic and healthy.

I hope this helps.

For me.. I'm looking at just one month at a time. I can't think that far ahead... If.. when I make this goal I will be very proud! Then I will move on to the next goal.


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Thanks Charbar for your reply. What you said makes perfect sense to me. I agree with you that you should just take it how it goes.
My aim is for 2-6 pounds at least a month. Of course I would not be upset in the least if more weight came off. But, I think everyone needs some sort of goal to work towards for inspiration.
If you set it too high then you are sure to be disappointed and discouraged when you don't reach it. If you set it on the low side then anything else lost is a bonus!
I know there will be times when I don't lose a pound and there will be times when I lose more than I aimed for. That is the way life works though..up and down. Just have to work through the hard times and look forward to the good ones
I'm appreciating everyone's input so, thanks again!
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When I started on my weightloss journey back in September, I didn't make any goals for weightloss per week or per month. My goal was to eat healthy foods in healthy sized portions while eating enough calories to give me enough nutrients and keep me satisfied and keep my metabolisim going. My goal was also to add activity, movement and exercise to my life. IF you meet those goals it doesn't really matter what the scale says or does. If you stick to those goals you WILL lose weight. The pace is irrelevant. Sometimes I'm happy with what the scale tells me, other times not so much. The body is not consistient and will do different things week to week, even if we do the same things.

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My goal is 2 pounds per week. However, some weeks I lose more and that's okay in my opinion. I'm exercising, eating well and am not starving myself. I weigh more to begin with than someone trying to lose 20 pounds, so I think it tends to make sense that I'll lose more initially too.
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