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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Default Calling all NEWBIES! (oh heck, calling EVERYONE)

WOW I’ve had a great week! Exercise was non-existent but I’m ok with that for right now – it was week ONE after all, and I didn’t want to over do things and get discouraged. Here’s what happened!!!!

1. I PLANNED each meal a DAY in advance and wrote it down!
2. I packed my lunch bag each night, and had my breakfast, lunch & snack for the next day at work in it ~ and it’s such a CUTE bag my DH gave me in my xmas stocking, kind of pink with ‘60s retro flowers on it LOL, very “barbie world” I love it!
3. Drank all the water required (ok this is cheating as I always did that anyway heeheh but I thought I’d take credit for it anyways

Pretty simple stuff – but that’s the first time I ever made that effort, and it paid off!!! I didn’t go off track ONCE, wasn’t temped even, AND I used to walk thru cash like crazy ($6 or $7 at McDonald’s 3 or 4 times a week easy! Not to mention the coffees and muffins for breakfasts! geez) and I have about $35 in my wallet that I’ve NEVER had at the end of the week before! Crazy! and pants that were so uncomfy to sit down in are now fitting fine! I have a pair of "goal" pants hanging over the bedroom door to remind me that i've got a long way to go, don't stop now silly girl!!!

This is the first “on track” weekend coming up, so I’m going to plan for that just as hard! Not an earth-shattering week, but I’m pretty happy with the whole thing

My MELT moment of the week: DH said to me “you can change anything you want on the outside, but don’t ever change anything on the INSIDE” ugh…melt!!!! After 14 years he still makes my knees weak

How are other “newbies” making out?? Planning? What’s working for you all ? what’s not working so great? I downloaded a copy of “walk away the pounds” has anyone tried that??? I’m too embarrassed to walk outside if you can believe it – like everyone would laugh at “look at the fat lady trying to be thin like us” ridiculous LOL

Started: 323
Now: 171 - nope, 165 now!
NOPE -- 162 now! Holy crap i've lost a PERSON!
Goal: 160

"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar
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Almost the Big 50!
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I am doing well, i am at 190 at the moment at seems to be staying there,,,,all you girls girls give it a little push so i can be in the 180'S please....doing well with shopping and now i will tackle more water,,,,(PS Thats another trip to the store for TP) LOL

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First of all GREAT JOB this this week... You stayed with the plan..
Girl get outside and walk.. WHO CARES what people think.. I use to be the same way.. I decided to just do it. I went to the gym and walked outside.
Once you do it the first time you will start to get a do not care attitude about who sees you..
I must admit the weekend dieting has always been tuff for me. I just do my best to stay focused. One this I did was come here and read, read, read if I start to feel like I am going toward the dark side,, lol
How sweet of your hubby... Made me melt when I read it..
You got a good one...
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Hi Trazey!! GREAT week here too!! I just feel so good these days. I have things to look forward to!!

I get out and walk everyday for at least 30 minutes, I kinda have that attitude, It's my world too ya know! Just wait until next year and they see me walking 100 pounds lighter.

You will do fine this weekend! Just keep on keepin' on ~ you got the plan and you've done great with it all week.

Planning has helped me too - and if I bite it ~ I write it!! Keeping myself accountable has helped tremendously. I haven't had a diet pop in 2 weeks now, and I don't msis them at all. (along with all the other sugary snacks!) I am a true believer that once you get all the crap out of your system, you just don't crave it anymore.

I have said it several times here, but it is the truth....I LOVE my new lifestyle!

That is sooo sweet that your hubby told you that too. Mine is being very supportive of my new life too - he has had me around for 30 years, and I know he would like to see me in shape and active again. Everyone benefits form the changes I have made.

I hope everyone has a great weekend - I know I will be checking in here everyday!
"wrap your brain around the idea that this is for the rest of your life" (thanks Jillybean!)

Christmas Gift Goal - 170 pounds (which will be 100 pounds GONE!) - 17 to go!
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Almost the Big 50!
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S/C/G: Goal of 150!

Height: 5'8"


Ps when I see a heavy person, walking... I think dang, she doing why can't I, so walk girlfriend...!

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For a fit, healthy me!
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Talking Way to go!!!!

You have done terrific! And give your DH a gold star for being so supportive!

I have also resolved to journal all my food choices. Originally, I did it to hold myself accountable for each bite and certainly it does that. However, in these early days when there is no change in the mirror or in clothes size, it is tangible proof of the changes and progress I am making. That is a "reward" in itself! Hurray for all of us!
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Originally Posted by Trazey34 View Post
I’m too embarrassed to walk outside if you can believe it – like everyone would laugh at “look at the fat lady trying to be thin like us” ridiculous LOL
I used to be embarassed to go to the gym for that very reason. Then my husband said that his thoughts about "bigger people" at the gym has always been "at least they're doing something about their weight". So, now when I'm at the gym, I keep that thought in my head "at least I'm doing something about it". If that doesn't help - I get the "screw them all! I want to be healthy dangit" mentality....lol At any rate - it doesn't matter what the "skinny" people will think..... you never know how many of them were once big and had to do the same things to get where they are. Some of them may even have an appreciation of you for walking.

As for how I'm doing - I've had a much better week this week and hope that it shows on the scales on Wednesday when I weigh-in.

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Hi Trazey. Good job on planning ahead to stay on-plan. This makes a big difference for me as I don't have that much room to stray to foods that are off limit to me right now. I walk outside, however, I also do the WATP dvd when its too hot or humid outside...and sometimes, I just want to do the dvd because its a change of pace. I do love the WATP dvds because I can adapt them by walking in place or not using the weights and I can still feel like I accomplished something. Most of the workouts on the market are just too advanced for me right now.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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Hi Trazey,

Great that you had such a good week and sounds like you've got some really got ways of planning your food and what you want to do with your week. I find that that really helps me too - even after two years I write everything down - it helps when you have a few bad days to get me back on track quickly. If the walk away the pounds program helps you build confidence with exercising by doing it in private until you feel ready to go public then why not try that for a while. I can understand your worries about being laughed at etc - when I started walking outside regularly I got a few horrible comments and they made me cry to be honest but it also made me furious and determined to keep doing what I was doing. The gym was the next hurdle and I put off going for ages but it was fine once I was there. I think because it's so unfamiliar you feel very conspicuous - but mostly everyone else is just focused on themselves and hardly bat an eyelid. Don't worry about anyone else but you - you're doing great.
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Good job, Trazey! And what a sweet DH you have. He's a keeper!

The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for - A. K. Chalmers.
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Starting over 3/24/2017
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Well...may I come in here? :-) Of course I can! You all are terrific folks! LOL! I have just recently become active on 3FC, and I am really having a teetering start...but it IS a start. I find I am having trouble with afternoons from about 2 p.m. on until supper at 4:30 or 5:00. What to do to tide me over without breaking my diet stride and still not go crazy until supper comes? Any tips on what you have found successful for this??

I find you all SOO inspiring and motivating. I cannot say I have a "lot" of faith in myself, but just watching you all is keeping me going for now. I can only hope this will spark and ignite faith in myself as I keep going.

Congratulations to everyone who is DOING something about their weight! That in itself is a success...whether all the other little details are "just right" or not! Keep on keeping on!

I must say, I have a husband like you, Trazey, and all I can say is, aren't we VERY blessed!!?? :-)

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to see you here on Monday with good reports!
~ Lost 137 #s in 2007, then had tragic year in 2012 & regained it all plus some. Now making my way back down again.~

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Future Skinny Teacher!!
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HI Trazey! This has been my first week too. I am happy to say "I lived" even without McD's and Sonic. I found reading the boards helped me stay focused on my goal. I also started planning meals better. I usually try to make enough extra that I will have some yummy leftovers to microwave for lunch at work the next day. Also, I started eating breakfast. I never did that before. How bout that energy that comes from a bowl of whole grain cereal and fruit, or a yogurt smoothie. Breakfast alone helped me cut so many empty calories from junk food snacks, and I am not so draggy. My students keep asking me if I had too much sugar because of all the pep I have now when actually I cut out all added sugar.

I plan to keep my goals obtainable just like I do for my students. Too many failures result in frustration and giving up, we all need to feel successful to give us boost to keep on trying.

Keep up the good work everyone! We are worth it!
Overall goal

First mini goal met 2/19/07-287 to 260 Second Mini Goal met 260-250 3/19/07Third Mini Goal met 250-240 5/14/2007 Fourth Mini Goal 240-230
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You can do it!!!!
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I am so proud of every one! The first couple of weeks are the hardest. I made it too! I feel real good. Planning, planning, planning...and packing extra snacks has made this week sucessful. And of course, reading here and checking in. Let's keep up the great work!

"There is no try, there is only DO" Yoda

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Living and Learning
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Hi everyone,
My name is Lisa and I am 31 years old. I have been on the ww plan for thirteen days and have lost just over 6lbs. I am amazed! So far it has been relatively easy to stick to plan.
A little background info.......
My mother has been slowly dying of kidney disease from all the years of her ignoring her diabetes. While I have always been heavy, I thought it would never happen to me. Just before Christmas, my sister (9 years older and very heavy) was diagnosed with diabetes. That scared me into action. I don't have diabetes and my doctor says if I drop some weight, I the likley hood is that I wont get it. This is a motivating factor!!
My husband and parents are really supportive so that helps me alot. I have tried to lose weight in the past mostly for vanity reasons. This time it is for health reasons. Perhaps this is why it is not as difficult this time - I have more motivation.

Today is my sons birthday party and I am a little nervous about all the yummy nibblys being around but I have planned my menu for the day and I will do my best to stick to it. I have included two hotdogs, one devilled egg and a ton of veggies with fat free dip. This way I won't feel left out of the festivities but still in my points limit. I will just have to look away from the chips, pop, spinach dip and the meat tray. I WILL BE STRONG!!

I have just over 100lbs to lose and I look forward to getting to know you and joining all of you on our weight loss journey. The support and motivation on this site is amazing.

Thanks for listening!
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You can do it!!!!
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Height: 5'3


Gumboot. Sounds like you have a great plan for your sons party. Good job on the 6 pounds. Glad you are starting your journey before diabetes. Smart lady for taking action now.

"There is no try, there is only DO" Yoda

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