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3 + years maintaining
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Smile My Daily Commitments - Week of 1/8 -1/14

Good morning lovely ladies!!!! I hope no one minds, but I thought I'd get the weekly thread started this morning. Wow, second week in January already. The time is surely flying.

It's pouring rain here (northeast) grey, dark and miserable. But can't complain too much we had an awesome 72 degree day on Saturday and I took advantage of it and had a lovely walk with a good friend. I had a pretty decent weekend, but could have exercised more, nibbled a little less and drank more water. I find the weekends much more difficult then the week. I found a strange lump above my belly button last week and I have a Dr.'s appointment at 10:00 this morning. I haven't seen my Dr. since the second week in Sept., about a week after I changed my lifestyle. And for the very first time I actually can't wait to get on the scale. We'll see what she has to say. I'm curious how my blood tests and blood pressure are.

As for today, I'd like to:

- Get back into crazy exercise mode
- Stay at or under 1200 calories
- Drink lots of water
- Keep nibbling to a minimum
- Get some work done
- Get a clean bill of health from Dr.

CC, where are you? Everything okay? I sure hope so.

Have a great day everyone.
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It's been so long...
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OK, I'm here... bright and a little too early, bt I made it... I'm trying to bounce back... Yoda can shove it with his "Do or do not!" lol, trying is as good as it gets right now...lol

I'm planning some heavy duty cleaning, and I'm gonna wear my pedometer allll day, and play some of my nifty new bellydance music (I love emusic ) so I can kinda keep up some steady movement all day... and have some way of measuring... hmm, I wonder if undulations will effect the pedometer... :|

Robin, good luck with the doc! And I'd take rain and warmer weather over what we have anyday... Hubby'd better know it's love, I moved way up here in the mountains for him...LOL

My goals for the day are:

Eat a healthy breakfast (check )
Drink a goodly amount of water BEFORE coffee (it's killing me, but I'm on it..check)

Drink goodly amounts of water all day

Eat the good healthy lunch and dinner I have planned, rather than wahtever walks through the door with hubby...lol tomorrow is his weigh in for his challenge... kind of like Biggest Loser Elko...LOL, so hopefully, he'll be good, and neither of us will be scarfing anything we shouldn't.

Take a good hour or 2 of ME time while kidlet is at school... nice hot shower/scrubby fest...knitting...soap operas, and some catchup time with hubby too

All I can think of for now... I'm running on low sleep... *yawn*

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Former Quitter
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Hi Everyone,

I have one major commitment for the day.....Dont give up!
1) water water water.....at least 8 glasses.
2) stay onplan, Southbeach Phase 1....good bye sugar addiction.
3) Walk 40 minutes a day or do WATP dvd 3 mile walk.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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Robin, good luck at the doc!

PNG--Enjoy your ME time.

I lost 6 pounds this week (gott love those early weeks) and I'm ready for this week, too. Goals for today are to stay within my calorie range, and fit in exercise. Crazy day today with kid dentist appontments and swimming classes, etc... But I'll make it happen.
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Doing it!
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My commitments today:
- drink water
- no grazing!
- eat 2 snacks
(and totally not weight loss related, but maybe if I write them down I'll get it done!)
- WASH CLOTHES, pack the girls' clothes and start packing for my trip on Tuesday.
So I only got one load of clothes washed and haven't even begun packing. Oh well. Only one snack - why do I have issues with that? Honestly, I do know. "Eat only when you're hungry" and if I'm not hungry I don't think about going to get a piece of fruit or something. Need my brain reprogrammed. I didn't go for a walk yesterday afternoon, but 6 days out of 7...I can live with that.

~ Water
~ TWO snacks
~ Gym

May as well go ahead and say what my commitments are for tomorrow since I'll be in the car at 6 am:
~ Make healthy choices for lunch and supper
~ Drink water (cokes make me swell!)
~ Hit the exercise room as soon as possible after checking into the hotel
~ No more than 1 glass of red wine (I'm not a drinker, so I probably won't even have that!)
~ And because I will be able to...take a long hot bath with no interruptions from kids and RELAX.
~ Remember that business trips have always done me in - don't quit, I've come too far!
1st Mini Goal (by Feb 20):

Long term goal:
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if only she'd lose weight
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Height: 5'7


My goal for this week:

eat breakfast every day, even on the weekends.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot
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Default This Thread Rocks!!

Ok... This is my first time doing this but I am pretty excited! Maybe if I put it here I will really stick with it.

My Daily Commitments this week are:

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise
Water, water, water
Nothing fried
moderation in everthing

And a big one for me is to not let the scale dictate my diet. Usually, if I want something that I know I shouldn't have, I will step on the scale. If the scale shows that I am losing then I won't eat whatever it is. BUT... IF the scale hasn't moved or I have gained.. I will say "FORGET IT" and eat whatever I want.

This is a great thread!!
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Default Daily Goal

Hi gals...I am not sure if I am posting in the right place but here goes.

My daily goals this week is to drink more water and walk around our very long block for two days then do it twice on the third day.

Good goals we're making gals...to good health.

Have a great week!


For every 5lb loss
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Phew...sorry it took me so long to get here today girls! I would have posted real early this morning when I left for work if I had known our servers would be down most of the day here....Not like it was a surprise...there was a major virus that attacked us on the national level last week and the kinks are still being worked out, though I don't know how I can sell any tickets without our network and ticketing systems being up....I digress.
Anyway the weekend went fab. I always weigh myself on Monday but for some reason the numbers never move until Wednesday so I'm still in the same place. I did real good this weekend. Real low on the calories, no snacking, went to the gym Saturday and Sunday, got all my housework and laundry done, kept up with all of my water. I'm happy with that...weekends are usually the toughest since I'm home. During the week work really keeps me structured with my eating, weekends I have to try harder. I was actually low enough on my calories that I could afford dessert last night I thought long and hard on what to have and made a delicious concoction!
When I was at the store I bought some Elan Decaf Cappuccino Frozen Yogurt and I also made a batch of fat free sugar free jell-o vanilla pudding. I took a half cup of pudding and a half cup frozen yogurt and layered them in a dish and topped it off with 2 tbsp FF cool whip. The totals came in at 167 Calories, 31 carbs, 4g protein,and 2.5g fat. A bit high in carbs but overall not bad for a dessert and I still wasn't over on any of my daily nutritional goals in any area. It was almost too much to eat (I haven't really had any sweets since I started) and I had it with a nice cup of tea instead of my usual glass of wine.

Anyway here was what I had for the day

1. Exercise (did 30 minutes of yoga this morning, was going to go to the gym today but our offices are moving so I spent all day packing, lifting and moving boxes so I'm going tomorrow)
2. Got 1/2 a nalgene bottle of water still to go
3. stay within my 1600 calorie goal range

Robin...isn't this weather CRAZY...and the 70s on Saturday I couldn't believe it! It was pouring on my way into the city this morning on my way to work....I so could have stayed home today!
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Never want to go back!
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I'm here, Robin! Just was feeling a little blah about posting over and over about my lack of exercise, but I hauled out a Pilates video last night and rolled around on the floor like a giant walrus for 30 minutes. That is NOT something I'd do in public. I worked harder trying to grab the parts they wanted me to grab prior to doing the move than actually doing the move! For a visual, picture a 287.8 pound woman trying to balance on her rear while grabbling both ankles and extending the legs into the great blue yonder. I spent most of the time trying to just grab my ankles let alone balancing or flinging my legs in the air... Whew.

For today, just eating well and may tackle some more exercise, but I'm trying not to pressure myself. As Naylnn would say, quit the all or nothing thinking.

Speaking of which, where is Nalynn??? And CaseyGail???
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Movin' and Groovin'
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Hello, all!!

My commitments have been met for the day. I ended up walking 2 miles and working on upper body for weights. I think I am going to switch, upper and lower, so I can focus more and what needs done.

Commitments for tomorrow:
>Drink my water
>Go to gym
>Eat healthy breakfast and take a healthy lunch to work.
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Quitting is NOT an option
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Good evening every one;

Today was a bit tough for me. I drank my H2O, crunches and ate healthy. Yesterday I did my first 30 min workout on the eliptical and my legs were jello when I was done. This am I thought I would be really sore, but alas I wasn't. Then I went to do my 30 min for today and at 2 min my legs went jello, UGH and OH NO !!!! I kept telling myself "you can do one more minute, anyone can do one more minute" finally I hit the two minute cool down and knew I would make it . . . hope it's a bit better tomorrow

GREAT JOB to everyone for conquering their goals.

Tomorrow is a new day and we can DO IT!!!!

S. Diane

It's the journey, not the destination that creates memories.
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Met my goals today.
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3 + years maintaining
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Good morning everyone. A big hello and welcome to all the new gals. Glad to have you amongst us.

Everyone is doing so well. Keep it up!!!!!!

CC, I hear you about not liking to post about the exercise, I feel like that many, many days myself. Like do they really need to hear about it again? But, umm yeah, we always want to hear what YOU have to say. Okay, having said that:

As far as yesterday goes, I did not do well on the water front or the exercise front. And I've been saying that for the last 3 days or so. Not good.

My doctor's appointment confirmed that I do have a large mass growing inside of me. The doctor says it's like the size of an orange. It seems to me to be growing in leaps and bounds, last night it felt like a baseball. About 20 months ago I was found to have tiny uterine fibroids, so that's the first place we're going to check. Although it's so high up, above my belly button, I don't see how it could be. But I'm certainly no doctor and it does kinda make sense to start looking there. I have an appointment with my gynecologist this coming Monday. I am frightened, but trying to be positive. The Dr. told me these things are very rarely malignant. I'm still more then a bit scared though, it sounds like at best, surgery is inevitable. And of course I'm thinking there goes the exercise and weightloss out the window. We shall see. I'll keep you posted. I'm not so good at asking people to do things for me, but if you could possibly put in a good thought for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As for today I'd like to:

Eat and drink well, get back on track with the exercise.

I hope you all have a great day. Good luck with keeping your commitments.

Last edited by rockinrobin; 01-09-2007 at 08:25 AM. Reason: I fixed the jumbling up of some words.
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Robin, You've got all my good thoughts and positive mojo and I tell you I am not a religious person in any sense but I think I can muster up some sort of 'prayer' for you too.
Welcome to everyone new! CC, you crack me up with the post on pilates...I know exactly what pose you are talking about! I don't even attempt that level yet! You are a brave girl
Anybody heard from Nalynn or Caseygail? They have been MIA for quite some time.
Well today I'm actually going to try to get some work done at work now that the systems are actually working.
I'm also going to
1. stay within my 1600 calorie range
2. go to the gym
3. try to do some abs too
4. enjoy the sunshine!
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