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Default Calling out the 3FC 100+ Regulars

You've been so kind to the influx of January newbies and re-newbies, and I'd love for you to introduce yourselves to us newbies, so we know more about the regulars here. I'd appreciate it if you could pop in this thread and let us know how long you've been here, what progress you've made, what you get out of this board, and share any words of wisdom you may have for the rest of us. Thank you for opening your cyberhome to us.
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Wow - this a great idea!!

Hi, my name is Sandi and I am the Moderator of the 100 lb club. I have belonged to 3FC since October 2000. I help where needed, try to keep the spammers out and generally just keep an eye on things. You can feel free to PM me any time!

I am 39 years old and I live in Northwest Indiana. I am happily married to my husband Steve for 14 years. We have a 6 year old son named Jacob and have recently decided that we are done having Children. We also have 2 cats & a dog. I am a computer software trainer and my hobbies include jewelry making and cross-stitch. (Does this sound like a personals ad?!?! )

My weight was 290-300 when I joined 3FC. My all time highest weight was 339 and I hit that in September of last year. Over the 6 years that I have been here my weight has been up and down (more up than down). I tend to struggle, but I never ever give up. And I never will. I am giving myself one more shot to get it together on my own. If by July 2007, I am not making some progress, I will start the process for lapband. Things will change this year, one way or another!!

Glad to meet you all.

The Secret is: CONSISTENCY
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Never want to go back!
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Hi! Great idea!

As a loooong time lurker (years) and an on again off again poster this year, I feel like I've been here a while, but it actually hasn't been that long...

I'm C.C. and live in CA. I'm 35 and am single with no children. In the past 6 years, I lost and then regained 121 pounds, plus 17 new ones. But, I'm here trying again. I'm more successful when not tied to an organized diet. My plan involves making the smartest choices I can make at each meal and having lots of healthy food on hand. I've cut most processed foods from my diet. I really liked the book "You: On a Diet" and thought it was a super sensible way to think about food. A good read!

I've been a complusive overeater since age 7 and overweight since 12. I began my recent regime at Thanksgiving (great timing, right?!) and have lost 27.2 pounds so far. I guess my words of wisdom would be:
  • Support is SO important. I truly don't think I would be successful without the support I get from my friends at 3FC. Plus, I've learned that it's an added incentive to be accountable not only to yourself, but also to others.
  • If you can hold on through the first 2-3 weeks, the weight loss gets a lot easier. I promise.
  • You will feel better both physically and mentally well before reaching your goal (Thank heavens!). For me, I already feel amazingly better.
  • Self-control is addicting!
  • Be mindful of when you are making excuses for your actions and take responsibility for what goes in your mouth. No one except you can control that.
  • Take measurements of your body NOW. Then take them periodically along the way (I do it monthly). It's so nice to have another way to track your progress especially if the scale stops moving for a while.
Take care!

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Hi everyone --

Here's my story in a nutshell (okay, a bit bigger than that). I'm 40, married with no kids but 2 dogs. I started this journey a little about a year and a half ago (July 2005) weighing 295 on my scale (probably 300 on my Drs). A lot of things precipitated the start, but it boiled down to being 39 and feeling at least 50. Even though there were no immediate health concerns, they were looming. Of course I’d tried to lose weight before. Like many people, the end result of these forays into better health was the return of the weight I’d lost – and then some.

This time it was different from the beginning almost, in that I wasn't at war with myself about not eating food I wanted or craved. I kept asking myself "Is that <insert food item> worth what it's going to do to you?" The answer was usually no. In the past I always "cheated" on a diet. Now I see that I'm not really cheating anyone. My body will know if I eat that brownie, so I have to decide if it's really worth it, own up to it if I eat it, and then move on. Once you see you can't cheat yourself, the rules change! I capitalized on that.

I took baby steps to get here. I didn't even start by calorie counting. I started by watching portions and trying to move more (it wasn't even "exercise" at first). I brought snacks and lunch to work. That helped a lot. I stopped eating from the vending machine. What really helped was that I started to feel more energy -- not from the weight loss, but because I was eating healthier! Great feedback! I stopped falling asleep on the couch every day after work. That made me take notice.

After the first month I started calorie counting. That was eye opening. I weighed 280 something and picked 2000 calories per day as my target (seemed reasonable and was what all the dietary guidelines were based on). I lost about 2 pounds a week for a while doing that.

Exercise followed shortly thereafter -- this is much harder for me. I find all kinds of reasons to put it off. I started slowly and built from there, counting the number of minutes/month. I swear it’s a mind game. “You did 450 minutes, 500 is just a little more…” and so I did! I started exercise with just cardio, but last January my husband and I started weightlifting. I believe that has really helped a lot. Now I exercise a lot more than I ever did at any time in my life: doing cardio, weights and yoga!

Anyway, once I had the eating and exercise routines down, it became a matter of Tweaking the System, so to speak. Overall, I find that adding one new thing to an existing structure is much easier for me than trying to build the thing all at once. So, I’m just tweaking and going along.

I’ve now lost 115 pounds and am in a kind of maintenance mode. I’m a little burned out from focusing on weight loss. I’m trying to look beyond the scale and focus more on my fitness! My goals for 2007 are more about varying my exercise routines, and getting back on track with my eating (I’ve kind of fallen off a bit the past few months). I’m not in a rush right now. After all, the ultimate goal is to KEEP the weight off, not just lose it. I need to build habits that will last a lifetime.

My advice for newbies? Make a commitment to the process (but be prepared to change your plan if it's not working). Believe in yourself. Take it One Day at a Time, and feel free to take baby steps! Also, I think this is as much a mental game as anything else, so be prepared to play it to win!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences

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Once more, with feeling!
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Oo, nice idea! And it does feel like writing a personal ad, Sandi!

I'm Lisa. 20 years old, perpetually single, no kids. Living at home while attending college and working 2 jobs. I could afford an appartment, but then I couldn't afford heat, food, water, electricity, and other luxuries like that.

Always been overweight, then went to college (not the same one I'm attending now) and gained 50 lbs in two years. Multiple reasons, including too much fatting dining hall food, not being ready to be away from home, and severe depression and anxiety. Return home, go on meds, start walking like a freak, and doing South Beach Diet. Lost 29 lbs so far!! Still have a long way to go, but I've never felt better or so realistically optimistic about it!

Working on being at or close to goal by September 8, 2007, aka 21st birthday!!

Likes: Puzzles (crossword and jigsaw), knitting, crochet, cute earrings and purses, fuzzy slippers, reading, 19th century literature, the comics, The Sound of Music, the blues, musicals, public radio, voting, organizing, theatre, astrology, thunderstorms, men with cute butts and broad shoulders.

Dislikes: Excessively bad grammar, people who answer cellphones in the library or theatre, people who don't use turn signals, vacuuming, red wine, loud cars, jean shorts on men (probably #1 pet peeve), teens who say "like" all the time, books without proper endings.

Words of wisdom? Think long term. Have a good support system (us!) and plan, plan, plan, plan. Find non-food rewards. Some movement is better than none at all. Find healthy alternatives to satisfy cravings (ex: spaghetti squash vs spaghetti). Clean out the cabinets. You don't need it, your kids don't need it, your spouse doesn't need it. They'll live without it, and they'll live BETTER without it.
Here it comes, a better version of me.- Fiona Apple

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if only she'd lose weight
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Hey guys! Welcome!

I'm Aimee, 32, from Wisconsin. I've been here since 2002, when I found out my little sister was getting married. I lost about 30 pounds for her wedding, then another 20, down to 277. Then my gym closed. Then I began participating in a clinical trial & they took my diuretic away! So I gained even more. I am currently about 315, trying to make it back down.

I've done phentermine in the past, no heart problems but got pulled off it with everyone else due to the potential for heart problems. In 2002 or 2003 I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, and am currently in a clinical trial for a drug that could be our cure. It's very exciting. My doctor running the study wants this weight off me in the worst way. He may just get his wish this year as I am tired of being tired all the time.

No kids, not having any. I have a dachshund who is the love of my life and I love being 'auntie' to all my friends' kids. I just can't see doing any more damage to my body, or kidneys. If I meet a guy who wants kids, we'll adopt, and if he can't handle that, then he's not the right guy, is he?

I recently went 90% vegetarian, and am having issues with that (getting enough iron & PLANT-based protein) and occasionally will switch out cow milk for soy milk.

I think I've found a workout buddy, and at work we are having our own Biggest Loser Club. I've got a lot of support, and hope to see 270's again, if not 250! (Hey a girl can dream)

What I get out of this board is there is ALWAYS someone here who knows what you are going through, or can cheer you on, no matter how small you think your victory is.

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot

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I'm Nicole and I'm 33 and I'm an insurance claims supervisor in New Zealand. I'm single and have no kids - unless you count my rather spoiled cat.

I've always been overweight, but over the last five years or so I've really put on the weight. I spent most of last year battling depression and now that I've got my head straight, it's time to work on the body. So i rejoined Weight Watchers for at least the third time - and it will be the last time. I'm not in a hurry to get to goal - as long as I'm losing weight, then I'm happy. Other times when I've lost weight, I've set unrealistic targets for myself and failed to get them and just given up. The other thing that I'm doing that's different is I'm gradually making changes to my lifestyle. Previously when I've dieted, I've gone at it full tilt and ended up failing. This time I'm concentrating on making one change at a time and once that's a habit, I'm moving onto the next change.

My hobbies include: reading, writing, cross stitch and walking amongst many other things.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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3 + years maintaining
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Hi there. Nice idea. I'm glad you asked!!!

I'm a 43 year old wife and mother of three teen-aged daughters, my oldest is away at college .

I was so skinny as a kid I was teased, they called my pickle.......until about the 5th grade, went through a traumatic experience and packed on a bit of weight, managed to stay at about 125-135 from high school with dieting....till marriage. The second I met my husband I started packing on the pounds. We'll be married 21 yrs in March. Had my first child less then 2 yrs later and just steadily went up and up and up. I hadn't stepped on a scale in over 14 years till May 2006. And that was when it said 287, perhaps I had been more. Who knows. I was never a yo-yo dieter, like I said just up and up. And I never, ever really gave losing weight much of a try, sad but true. Still can't figure that one out.

Anyway, I was becoming more and more inactive. More and more pain in my knees and just overall DISGUSTED with myself. 50 years old was looming ahead and I knew that I just didn't see too many 50 year olds walking around my size. And I so very want to be an active Grandma when the time comes. And I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I no longer wanted to be fat. And finally realized if I dont' want to be fat, I don't HAVE to be fat. And that was that. The decision was made. There are so many things in this life that we have zero control over, but being fat I finally realized was not one of them. This is something I have control over. It's up to me to decide. It's within my power. My height I'll never be able to change, my weight, umm why the heck not? And that's the attitude I've taken.

So on September 4, 2006 I revamped my life. I started counting calories, eating mostly low fat proteins, tons of veggies and low carbs. And having the occasional treat if I want it. Nothing is off limits as long as I keep it to a moderate portion. I never in my life would have thought I could have so much control. I am never hungry. But when you put your mind to it, ANYTHING is possible. I actually enjoy this lifestyle sooooo much better then my old one. And as of January 1, 2007 I have lost 77 pounds.

What I can tell you so far:

-The first 2-3 weeks were very hard. Get throught them any way you can. After that, it gets much, much easier. The cravings will practically stop. You'll start to see results on the scale.. Your clothing will get looser. This propells you to go further. People will start noticing. It's all good.
-In the very beginning I found a simple journal to be very helpful. I wrote in it all my reasons for wanting to lose the weight and would read it when I was having cravings. I also wrote in it all my goals and dreams for the future. I keep adding to it now. I also chart my weightloss, it's so cool to look back and see how you've done. This book is better then any best seller.
-Get rid of all the junk in your house. It's not benefiting anyone. Keep your home stocked with healthy foods at all times. And plan, plan, plan. I have a weeks worth of menus in my head. Write it down if need be.
- Be aware of every bite that goes into your mouth.
-I drink A LOT of water.
-Exercise was another story. But it's getting much, much better. Just move yourself, more then you used to. Try to increase it every day. I do sit-ups, leg lifts, arm exercises, stretching, walking and dancing. Simple and very doable. And it burns calories. And now I am practically always in motion. Strength training is next on my list.
-This place, 3fc is a G-dsend. It is remarkable to see sooo many success stories. What unbelievable motivation. It is a place to find people who know exactly what you are going through. It is a great place for support and advice.Through struggles and successes alike.
-Keep in mind you don't have to get to goal to start seeing and enjoying the benefits. You will begin to feel and look better within 10-15 pounds. And then another 10-15 pounds. And before you know it.........
-The weightloss has become more addicting to me then the food ever was.

Good luck to you all. We're all here for one another. We're in this together. So if there's anything you ever need don't hesitate to ask.

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My name is Tracey I am 38 years old. Married almost 20 years with 3 sons... 18...15...and soon to be 12..
I live in Alabama... ROLL TIDE!!!
I can never remember a time that I was not thought of as being over weight.. looking back at being 145lbs I would slap the person who called me over weight at that weight now...
I gained 50 pounds right after I got married ( The birth control pill BABY)..
I was taken off the pill because of my weight and blood pressure being up.. Well I got pregnant and put on 50 more wonderful little pounds.
Baby #2 came along and I lost 30 lbs while I was pregnant with him.. THAT WAS THE BEST DIET EVER...First time in my life that I ate anything I wanted and still lost weight.. I never understood that one..
After baby #2 was born I put on the weight I lost + some...
I decided to diet sometime after that and lost 120lbs...
Got pregnant and had another baby boy in 1995... I slowly put on the weight I lost and by Feb of 2006 I was 265 on my
house scales.. At least 285 on the Dr.s scales...
I have lost 90 to 95 lbs since Feb of 2006..I cut my calories way back and added movement... I have not been dieting or exercising since Sept. I did not gain anything back... Very HAPPY about that..
I am back on track. I would like to get the rest of my weight off before the end of the summer..
I love this place... When I read the posts I feel encouragement...
God Bless you all here... you will never know how you helped me last year.
Looking forward to 2007....Hopeful to post more and lurk less...
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Future marathon runner
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I'm Raelynn and I've been a member here for 4 years. I was gone most of 2006 as I was pregnant and had a baby boy on Dec 12 (which most of you know about LOL). I'm married and I also have a 6 1/2 year old daughter who is very very very energetic that I would like to be able to keep up with (one of my motivators). We live in Alberta Canada and prior to going on Mat leave a month ago, I was working as a reports manager for a receivables company at a callcenter.

I was 212 lbs when I joined 3FC in Dec 2002, having lost over 60 lbs the unhealthy way - excessive exercise and not eating. I've gradually gained it all back over the last couple years, yo-yo'ing to where I'm at now, my highest. I started Weight Watchers on Jan 1, a program I know works for me and my husband is doing it with me, so it'll be MUCH easier not having to watch him eat unhealthy yummy food that I can't have. lol

I'm off work the entire year, and for the first time ever I have a year to focus on me and my family. There is no better time to get healthy for myself and for my family than now, so I am back on track, back on the board and can't wait to see results!!
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Great idea - I've never had the patience myself to trudge through the pages of intros - so many people that don't really post. Kind of like a little get to know you, now that I know of ya!

I live in Ontario, Canada. I was thin all through my growing up years. Then when I graduated high school my weight started going up as my moods went down. Took a few years to be diagnosed with depression - it's been a battle with that and the weight since then.

In 2001 I did Optifast & lost 60lbs for my wedding (still not at goal - but...). Quickly regained all of that with the next severe bout of depression in winter 2007. Haven't really lost successfully since then - just up & down the same 25.

I am doing herbal magic now (only available in Canada). I've lost 30lbs so far. I hope to be down to 200lbs by July and our family reunion. Maybe at goal by the end of this year but I realize I will probably lose slower than I hope.

Oh yes & I am also trying to get pregnant which is so wonderfully counterproductive it makes me laugh out loud sometimes!
Short Term Goal - Back to Pre-Pregnancy Weight

My blog (not just weight related): http://allmylifesacircle.wordpress.com/
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Hi. I'm somewhat of a newbie myself as I lurked on this site for a couple of months then started actively participating in December. I've been married for 13 years to a wonderful younger man (7 years younger.) I have two daughters, a 7 year old and one that will be 11 next month, and I have 3 dogs...a poodle, a chihuahua and one of their sons. My husband and I currently telecommute from home for our employer, a health care insurance carrier.

I've been overweight all of my life...since puberty. I was able to control the weight enough to enter the US Air Force and run 5 miles a day. When I left the Air Force in 1989 and stopped running, the weight slowly crept on...through marriage and the birth of two children. In July 2004, my Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and passed away in December 2004. After she passed away, I gained an additional 40 pounds in one year. Due to female problems and my Mom's diagnosis, I elected to have a full hysterectomy in October 2005 and I quit smoking at the same time...I then gained yet another 25 pounds. Now, the weight loss is extremely difficult as I am in full menopause and on hormone therapy...all at the age of 42. Each and every single pound lost is a major victory for me.

This board has been great for me as everybody really cares and wants to see each of us succeed. I also like that there are people on this board that are in all stages of their weight loss journey and all in different types of weight loss plans or exercise regimens. The board give me a sense of accountability and a great deal of encouragement. I have had a little bit of a hard time actually getting myself going, but I came onto the board each day and participated anyways...I didn't give up. I'm now giving focus to the weight loss and improving my health. I am following the South Beach Diet and have committed to at least 1 hour of cardio..walking,etc...each day.

My biggest advice to you is to take this process one day at a time. I know that may sound so cliche, but it really is so very very true. Each day brings new challenges and not every day will be easy, but stay in touch on the board...reach out for any support or encouragement you may need...and keep going.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and wish you well on your journey.
- Rhonda

"Live the life you've always imagined." Henry David Thoreau

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Want to feel better
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Hi ~ My name is Gayle ~ I'm 51 and have been here since Feb 2000. I am married, have three grown kids and a little grandson. Over the holidays, I moved to Houston, TX where my kids and grandson are and will be starting a new job next week. I am hoping that being around my family, I will be too busy to get into too much trouble with food. There are these lovely walking paths in my area that I am looking forward to using to help me on my quest for imporved health.

I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. At one point in time, just kind of gave up trying, but health concerns that come with age and excess weight made me start trying again. I did fairly well the first year I was here ~ was almost half way to goal, then fell off the wagon and have been up and down, but I haven't gotten myself straightened out yet. Like Sandi ~ I will keep trying and never give up. Eventually I will hit on the right combination of habits for me.

I feel like SuchAPrettyFace about this place ~ there is always someone here who understands what you are going through. I don't post as often as I used to ~ sort of feel like because I am not doing so well, that I won't be of much help to someone else, but I check in every day. There are so many who have succeeded, that it helps me to have hope that it is possible. Also, I have had the neat experience of getting to meet a couple people from here in person.

Welcome to the newcomers ~ glad you have joined us.
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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Height: 5'7''


I think I'm the youngest one in this group(i consider myself in here cause I visit it every day). I'm Jordan. I'm 15 going on 16, my heaviest weight was 225 if not 230, and I decided to change in August 05 when I realized I weighted 225. I got down to 210 by July 2006 and since then I've been eating right and exercising once and a while(im in school, so im not really able to that much). I've lost 35lbs in the last 6 months and I still have 50 to go. I've been on this site since Sept/Oct.
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Default Hello Again!

Well I've been lurking for the last few months, but this thread inspired me to post once more.

I'm Megan, 27, and I live near Seattle. I'm married, and currently pregnant. So the dieting has gotten sidetracked for a while.
I joined a year ago I believe, where I started at around 263 lbs. Which put me in a shock to see. I've always been chunky, but honestly thought I carried it well and that it wasn't all that noticable (seeing some photos of me from back then negates that thought).

Well, using calorie counting, and some strict anal retentativeness, I got to 159 and maintained as we were trying to get pregnant, then got pregnant. Now I'm hovering around 168 (the hazard of going off diet, and being disgusted by the foods that were your staples). I know I'm going to gain during the pregnancy, hopefully I won't gain more than 30, and I can use the tools I have to lose it again.

Good choices to all!
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