Cereal Grains and Pasta

Nutrition, Calories, and Fat Information

bullet   Noodles, egg, spinach, dry, enriched
bullet   Noodles, japanese, soba, cooked
bullet   Noodles, japanese, soba, dry
bullet   Noodles, japanese, somen, cooked
bullet   Noodles, japanese, somen, dry
bullet   Oat bran, cooked
bullet   Oat bran, raw
bullet   Oat flour, partially debranned
bullet   Oats
bullet   Pasta, corn, cooked
bullet   Pasta, corn, dry
bullet   Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, plain, as purchased
bullet   Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, plain, cooked
bullet   Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, spinach, as purchased
bullet   Pasta, fresh-refrigerated, spinach, cooked
bullet   Pasta, homemade, made with egg, cooked
bullet   Pasta, homemade, made without egg, cooked
bullet   Quinoa
bullet   Rice bran, crude
bullet   Rice flour, brown
bullet   Rice flour, white
bullet   Rice noodles, cooked
bullet   Rice noodles, dry
bullet   Rice, brown, long-grain, cooked
bullet   Rice, brown, long-grain, raw
bullet   Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked
bullet   Rice, brown, medium-grain, raw
bullet   Rice, white, glutinous, cooked
bullet   Rice, white, glutinous, raw
bullet   Rice, white, long-grain, parboiled, enriched, cooked

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