Fruits and Fruit Juices

Nutrition, Calories, and Fat Information

bullet   Jujube, raw
bullet   Kiwi fruit, (chinese gooseberries), fresh, raw
bullet   Kiwifruit, (chinese gooseberries), held in storage, raw
bullet   Kumquats, raw
bullet   Lemon juice, canned or bottled
bullet   Lemon juice, frozen, unsweetened, single strength
bullet   Lemon juice, raw
bullet   Lemon peel, raw
bullet   Lemons, raw, with peel
bullet   Lemons, raw, without peel
bullet   Lime juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened
bullet   Lime juice, raw
bullet   Limes, raw
bullet   Litchis, dried
bullet   Litchis, raw
bullet   Loganberries, frozen
bullet   Longans, dried
bullet   Longans, raw
bullet   Loquats, raw
bullet   Mammy-apple, (mamey), raw
bullet   Mangos, raw
bullet   Mangosteen, canned, syrup pack
bullet   Maraschino cherries, canned, drained
bullet   Melon balls, frozen
bullet   Melons, cantaloupe, raw
bullet   Melons, casaba, raw
bullet   Melons, honeydew, raw
bullet   Mulberries, raw
bullet   Nectarines, raw
bullet   Oheloberries, raw

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