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How to Fight Weight Gain Caused by Birth Control

It is no secret that certain types of contraceptives have been notorious for contribution to weight gain. Most women have a wide array of choices from pills, injections, IUDs and patches–they may each contribute to weight gain in a variety of ways. All of these forms of birth control work by preventing ovaries from releasing […]


How to Pick a Goal Weight

When I start something, I generally like to know what I’m getting into. I don’t go to movies without checking the run time, I don’t go to the grocery store without a list, I don’t understand the point of just walking around the mall aimlessly or without a purpose. Maybe it’s just me, but I […]


How I Uncovered My Secret to Weightloss

The last time you heard from me, I told you a little bit about my background with obesity and the psychological, emotional and physical struggles that being overweight has brought into my life. Today, I’m going to tell you how I’ve been fighting that fight, and how I’m winning it a little more every day. […]

4 Tips to Improving Your Psychological Health

Your psychological health is just as important as having a healthy body. Good mental health also makes it easier to stick to your diet regimen. Here are four tips to help you improve your psychological health. 1. Keep a Journal You don’t have to be a writer to write every day. Studies show that the […]

Understanding Anorexia in Men

Anorexia is an often misunderstood illness. When a lot of people think of anorexia, they imagine image-obsessed teenagers. This is far from the reality. There are actually thousands of men in the U.S. who suffer from the disease. Understanding Anorexia in Men Anorexia has little to do with food, as odd as it may sound. […]

How Your Psychological Health Can Affect Your Weight

Your psychological health can affect your weight. Feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, worry and depression can impact your relationship with food. Overeating, choosing unhealthy foods and engaging in excessive nighttime eating are often linked to psychological reasons. Eating Due to Stress If you often find yourself eating even when you’re not hungry, you may be […]