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Stop Using Food to Cope with Stress

A common self-treatment method for stress is often emotional eating. Using food to deal with stress has the potential to cause weight related health issues, which, ironically, only adds to stress levels. The good news is that numerous methods exist to help people who are struggling with stress related eating to deal with their anxiety […]

8 Natural Treatments for Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies affect millions of Americans each year. Symptoms can occur anytime from early spring through late fall and include sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and wheezing. It’s virtually impossible to avoid the offending allergens, such as pollens, grasses, flowers and fungi. They’re nearly everywhere and can trigger an immune-system response in susceptible people. There […]

How Honey Helps Seasonal Allergies

If seasonal allergies prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors, consider trying an old folk remedy.It’s not another bitter pill to swallow, but a sweet treat that you will look forward to taking. Honey Honey has long been known to have a lot of natural healing benefits. Its high natural sugar content makes it antimicrobial. […]

Improve Skin Health and Nourishment with a Wellness Massage

Most of the advantages of a wellness massage are well know. Massage has been used to ease muscular discomfort, lower blood pressure and create peace of mind for centuries. But the benefits of a wellness massage extend even beyond those confines. Here’s a look at how massage can also help maintain healthy skin. Facial Skin Many […]

Choosing a Healthy Diet Plan for Your Family

When 6 o’clock rolls around and you haven’t even thought about dinner, it’s tempting to pick up the phone and order pizza, or run to the nearest drive-thru window. While this is ok once in awhile, it’s not ideal when choosing a healthy diet plan for your family. Making the choice to feed your family […]

How The Food Pyramid For Kids Differs From Adults

The traditional food pyramid that you were taught in school has received a facelift and a food pyramid for kids has been created. The government and health officials realized that adults and children should not be following the same food guidelines and that their needs were, and are, much different. So how does this new food pyramid change […]

How To Stop Snacking When Emotional

Anyone who has struggled with weight issues knows that snacking when emotional can undo a lot of hard work.  A lot of the overeating that takes place is the result of reaching for junk or “comfort” foods, and it can be difficult to stop snacking. While it may be comforting at the moment, ultimately consuming […]

Proper Guidelines For Kids To Lose Weight

The obesity rate of American children is growing alarmingly, and measures need to be taken for kids to lose weight. Today, 1 out of every 3 children is overweight or obese. By following proper dietary guidelines, parents can help their kids lose weight. Guideline #1: A Complete Medical Evaluation The health practitioner will determine whether […]