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5 Tips for Full-Figured Fashion

In my youth, there were two main fashion options for plus-size women: the men’s department and muumuus. Today that’s no longer the case. Most major retailers know there is a thriving plus-size market, and have amped up the quantity and quality of their full-figured fashions. As a chronically fluctuating size 12 to 14, I am […]

The Best Business Attire for Your Body Type

If you are working in an office then a business attire is an essential part of your wardrobe. Since you probably spend most of your time at your job then it’s only natural that you should try to look for business clothing that makes you look your best. Your business attire should convey class, professionalism, […]

5 Tips for Choosing Slimming Business Attire

A business attire is an essential component of your wardrobe. If you want to be a successful and professional career woman then it’s important that you start dressing the part. A perfectly tailored and slimming business attire is flattering to any body shape. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for your […]

6 Tips for Wearing Leggings

Leggings, those fitted coverings for your legs, are available in a variety of lengths and styles. While they can be comfortable and attractive if you know how to wear them, they can also be quite unattractive if you don’t choose the right style and coordinate them correctly. Before you decide to show off your leggings […]

4 Types of Shapewear for Your Problem Areas

Whether you need it to wear under that special occasion cocktail dress or beneath your everyday work clothes, shapewear can make you look and feel better in just about everything you wear. No matter which area of your body you’re trying to smooth or conceal, there is a shapewear option available for you. Here are […]

Benefits of Wearing Shaping Lingerie

There are many types of shaping lingerie that can address different problem areas. You may simply want to hide some stubborn flab around the midsection, or you might want to sport some shapely thighs under skinny jeans. There are even full-body shaping lingerie pieces that can give you instant contours and curves. But these types […]