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What is Healthy Weight Loss for Kids?

As the obesity rate increases more and more every year in this country, it is fair to ask what is a healthy weight loss for kids.  There are numerous aspects involved when determining the answer to that question.  There is a healthy a healthy weight range for children, just like there is one for adults.  […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Fitness in Your Marriage Relationship

A healthy marriage relationship includes physical fitness. Finding ways to exercise and be active together makes for more fulfilling couple time. Even more, having similar ideas about health and wellness and a shared desire to attain fitness goals will increase the success rate for both you and your spouse. It’s easy to maintain a healthy […]

7 Parenting Tricks to Help Your Kids Lose Weight

If you are parenting overweight children, you may feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the task of helping them to lose weight. Here are some tricks that may aid your children’s weight loss. 1. Talk to Your Children’s Pediatrician Your children’s doctor will be able to tell you a healthy goal weight for your kids. The […]

4 Parenting Tricks to Help Kids Eat Healthy

Parenting tricks are always handy, especially when it comes to satisfying picky eaters. Here are a few ideas that may help your kids decide that healthy foods aren’t so bad after all. 1. Grow a Garden Kids love digging in the dirt, and yours may find it fascinating to track a plant’s growth. Use this […]

Can Weight Loss Competition Encourage Lost Pounds?

The advent of high profile weight loss competition television shows, such as The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Fit Club, has caused great interest in the merits of weight loss competition in real life. Today, weight loss contests are popping up all over among groups of friends and co-workers. But is competing to lose pounds a […]

Can Getting Divorced Affect Your Health?

If you are newly divorced you want to stay as healthy as possible. The process and fallout can affect many areas of your life. Take care of your total well being, which includes the mental, physical, and spiritual. Stress can be deadly. Many people find the process of a divorce and reclaiming their autonomy difficult. […]

How to Find Out Your Family Health History

Your family health history is an essential aspect of your overall wellness. Your doctor may be able to use it as a key for deciphering medical issues that you may be experiencing. The history will also give your doctor a better idea of your predisposition, or risk for certain diseases, thereby allowing you to take preventative measures if […]

4 Tips on Eating Healthy as a Family

Eating healthy as a family is a great way to ensure that you and your children are receiving the right nutrition. However, if you’re regularly juggling several tasks in a hectic schedule, keeping track of your family’s food choices may be difficult. Here are some ways to eat healthily as a family. 1. Have Family […]

How to Encourage Healthy Eating in Your Marriage Relationship

Being in a marriage or relationship can influence the way you live your life. One of the aspects that your relationship can affect is your eating habits. Couples tend to share eating habits so if you or your partner have unhealthy eating habits, it won’t be long before the other one develops these habits too. […]

How to Change Your Parenting to Help Your Kids Lose Weight

If you have kids, you’re probably aware that parenting is a tough job. If you have kids who need to lose weight, then the job becomes even more difficult. An increasing number of children are becoming overweight or obese. Not only does the extra weight take a toll on their self esteem, but it also […]