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Why a Healthy Kitchen Means More than Just Food

If you’re planning to live a healthier lifestyle by eating a better diet, a healthy kitchen is one of the things you need to accomplish. When you hear the term “healthy kitchen,” you probably think about improving your kitchen by replacing unhealthy foods with more nutritious items. Even though this step is necessary for your […]

3 Fun healthy Weight Loss Competitions for Your Family

More often than not, a weight loss competition can be a successful way of motivating multiple people to continue with a diet or exercise plan. If you and your family are all interested in changing your lifestyle habits and are looking to lose weight, a healthy competition can be just the thing to keep you […]

3 Effective Family Exercise Games

Doing family exercise can be a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can be anything from playing tag to walking in the park with your spouse and kids. However, with a busy schedule, you may be one of those who tends to forget the value of exercise. Technology and media eat into time […]

How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Frozen Vegetables

Any adult that has prepared a meal for a child will probably agree that children can be selective about what they like to eat, especially when it comes to frozen vegetables. Many times a child will eat portions of her meal and avoid the less appetizing portions, which in the child’s eyes, may be her […]

Could Your Parenting Affect Your Child's Weight?

There is no lie in the saying that parenting is the hardest job you will ever do. Although there are tremendous joys and blessings in becoming a parent, there are just as many challenges and worries. Sometimes children are affected by varying parenting styles in ways that are not immediately apparent. With obesity on the […]

Is Bullying Affecting Your Children's Weight?

Bullying can affect many aspects of your child’s life, both emotionally and physically. The stresses inflicted by bullies may even cause your child to lose or gain weight. There are a number of ways you can ascertain whether or not bullying is affecting your child’s weight. The first is to establish an open form of […]

How to Promote Family Fitness with Summer Sports

There are many ways in which a family can stay healthy and active during the hot summer months, such as through participating in summer sports. Summer is a time when school is not in session, and families have more time to spend together. Playing sports during the summer months can help a family bond and […]

Maintaining Your Relationships after Weight Loss

Believe it or not, maintaining your relationships after weight loss can be a challenge for a few reasons. Losing weight is a big enough challenge on its own, but maintaining weight loss is a whole other story, especially while you’re surrounded by family and friends who are tempting you to stray from your diet. And, […]