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3 Fun Types of Family Exercise

Family exercise can actually be a lot of fun if you do the right types of exercise. Exercising with the family is something you should definitely try out, as it helps keep everyone in shape, while at the same time bringing you and your loved ones closer together. Here are three ways to exercise and […]

How to Get Kids Involved in Family Sports

One way to make sure your kids are in tip-top shape and promote excellent physical development is to get them involved in family sports. Building a love for sports within the family atmosphere will help make physical activity an enjoyable part of their lifestyle. Playing family sports also strengthens your bonds with each other, helping […]

7 Best Family Sports for Each Season

Participating in family sports has many advantages. You can bond with your children, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even the neighbors by setting aside a regular sports night at least once a week. You can all develop coordination and team building skills. You can learn good sportsmanship and teach the lesson that winning isn’t […]

5 Health Benefits of Family Sports

Not only are family sports a great way to spend time together and teach your children about fair play and teamwork, family sports also provide multiple health benefits for all members of the family. From playing dodgeball, baseball and basketball to swimming laps at the local community pool, commit to regularly scheduling time for family […]

How to Ensure Your Kids Are Eating a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is necessary to ensure the good health of children. If you have kids then you probably want to make sure that they are eating as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, the spread of processed foods today has made healthy eating very difficult. Follow these guidelines so you can ensure that your kids are […]

How Weight Loss Competition Can Benefit Your Kids

Having a weight loss competition with your children sounds like a strange way to get your family into shape, but if you approach the competition with the right attitude, the experience can benefit your entire family. Firstly, make sure that your children have been examined by a pediatrician and you have been advised on how […]

7 Kinds of Fun Family Exercise

No matter how many people you have in your family, or how much they vary in age, there are a number of different types of fun, family exercise that you can all engage in together. Be sure to check these out today! Hiking One of the best fun family exercises that you and your family […]

How to Prevent Weight Gain after Getting Divorced

If you have recently been divorced, then you’re sure to be experiencing a variety of emotions that range from depression to anger to possibly even guilt. Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful experiences in life and being that the divorce rate is approximately 50 percent, it’s also something that is […]

How to Accommodate Different Diet Plans in the Household

Many people find that it’s hard enough to manage their own diet plans, let alone having to deal with multiple types of diets in the same household. Due to the dramatic differences in many variations on diets, it’s sometimes impossible to come up with good meals and food ideas that will work for everyone in […]