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How Stress from Finances Affects Your Weight

As more and more people become stressed over their finances, it seems that the rate of obesity is also increasing. Even though the two trends may seem unrelated, recent studies have proven that financial troubles or debts can actually lead to weight gain. Here are some ways that financial stress can affect your weight. Seeking […]

5 Ways Unemployment Affects Your Health

You probably know that unemployment can bring about a lot of stress, frustration and financial troubles, but did you that unemployment can also affect your health? A fulfilling career is essential for a well-balanced life, but unfortunately, a lot of people sometimes find themselves without a job or any employment prospects in the near future. […]

How Weight Gain Can Affect Your Finances

Weight gain can affect a lot more than a person’s health; it can affect her finances as well. Money is probably the farthest thing on a person’s mind when they’re trying to lose weight. They may not realize how much money is spent on products, exercise equipment and fad diets. The next time you gain a few extra […]

How Weight Gain Is Linked to Unemployment

Unemployment affects a huge percentage of people in the United States, especially in recent years as the economy has hit a dramatic low. There are plenty of negative side effects associated with unemployment, but one of the most detrimental to a person’s attitude and mood is weight gain. Too Much Free Time As nice as it […]

5 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Going to the grocery store can be a very scary experience. With the price of food continuing to rise, the bill at checkout is not something we all like to see. Even though food can be expensive, there are a few tips and tricks to cut down the bill. 1. Coupons Coupons can be huge […]

Kosher Cooking On A Budget: 5 Money-Saving Tips

The price of Kosher food is often much greater than that of non-Kosher food, simply because of the expense in preparing it. However, for many people who wish to keep Kashrut (the Jewish dietary laws), it is not an option to compromise with non-Kosher foods. So, for those who are finding it hard to make […]

How to Look Good on a Budget

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing. There’s a common misconception that spending a massive amount of money is the only way to look as good as possible. But, in fact, money has nothing to do with it. Looking good is all about carrying yourself with confidence, which is easy […]

How to Create a Great Workout Routine on a Budget

A top-of-the-line gym is a great luxury, but it’s also a great place to cut costs when you are thinking about how to budget your money. Home-based workouts can save you over $250 a year or more and offer tons of other great perks as well. No nasty shower, no travel time to and from, and […]

Learning How to Budget and Eat Healthy

Anyone can learn how to budget and still eat healthy. Smart meal planning and frugal shopping can ensure that you’re eating healthy but still maintaining a grocery budget. Take Time to Plan Your Meals Before Shopping Planning your meals, including snacks, can be very helpful when you’re trying to stick to a food budget. When […]

How to Budget for Transition Clothes

One thing that dieters sometimes forget is how to budget for transition clothes–the clothes that you’ll wear as you lose weight. It’s important to make sure that you think of this expense and make room for it as a necessity when making out your monthly budget. Few things are as embarrassing as having to keep […]