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How to Fight Weight Gain Caused by Birth Control

It is no secret that certain types of contraceptives have been notorious for contribution to weight gain. Most women have a wide array of choices from pills, injections, IUDs and patches–they may each contribute to weight gain in a variety of ways. All of these forms of birth control work by preventing ovaries from releasing […]


Should We Really Adore the Funny Fat Girl?

As a self-proclaimed young fat girl, I learned to develop my sense of humor to deflect attention away from what I perceived to be my flawed physique. I mastered the art of self-depreciation. If I called myself fat before anyone else could, I stole their thunder, and removed the potential slap of a hurtful word […]


Does Labeling Obesity as a Disease Fat Shame?

I am a big supporter of the Body Positivity movement. I love everything about the message it sends to men and women of all shapes, sizes and colors that their bodies are perfect exactly the way they are. There is no blueprint to beauty, no be-all-end-all definition of attractiveness. Your size, your height, your shape […]