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How to Make Delicious 65-Calorie Brownies

These raw brownie bites provide a chocolate treat without the added fat and sugar of regular brownies. They contain dates, which are a naturally sweet ingredient, so they are perfect to have as a sweet snack after dinner. By having these healthier (delicious) options in the house, you don’t have any excuse to reach for […]


2 Recipes for a Healthy Easter Dinner

Easter is near, and that means a rich roasted turkey dinner or a honey-glazed ham (or both) and all the high-fat fixings. Is it possible to have a delicious Easter dinner that’s also healthy? Absolutely! The key is to find recipes that incorporate healthy ingredients and use light preparations. Give my Easter recipes a try […]


How to Combat Your Food Cravings

Ever wonder why sometimes you just crave certain foods? Why is it that sometimes NOTHING will satiate your hunger except nachos? Or curly fries? Or a cupcake? What is it that allows those foods to wiggle into our minds, monopolize our thoughts and hijack our taste buds? Cravings can be broken down into three main […]


How Do You Avoid Junk Food and Sugary Drinks?

Junk food is the bane of our existence. It’s everywhere: fast-food drive thrus, sit-down restaurants, candy machines and supermarket aisles. This is an almost-impossible “food group” to escape. But if you wish to live a healthy lifestyle, it must be done. There are many perils associated with too much junk food consumption, but there are […]