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Mix1 Fruity Protein Drink

Are you tired of the same old chocolate and vanilla protein drinks and meal replacements? Even chocolate gets boring after a while, and they don’t always taste good. We also get a little tired of the expansive ingredient panels and don’t always know what we are drinking. Mix1 is a protein drink that’s different from […]

Need more fiber? Try something Gnu!

Many dieters have discovered fiber helps weight loss. It helps us feel fuller, and keeps everything moving and healthy from the inside out. But when we think of high fiber foods, we usually think of bran muffins or beans or cardboard. If you’d like to try something new and tasty, try a Gnu Bar! Gnu […]

Detour Activity Bars

A lot of people ask us which protein bars are good. If you ever go to a supplement store, the assortment of protein bars can be mind boggling. Which ones are good? We’ve tried a lot of bars, and have been disappointed many times. A lot of bars have an off taste that isn’t pleasant, […]

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein

We love trying new foods, and it’s not often that one of the big 3 frozen dinner companies introduces a new variety. Weight Watchers new Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein sounded too good to pass up! This new dish is low in fat and calories, and high on flavor. However, we found that ours was also […]

Fiber Gourmet

Note: This is an update to our original review from last year. Fiber Gourmet has created a new and improved version that is even more like regular pasta, with a smidgen more fiber! Are you getting the recommended amount of fiber to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer? This past year, […]

Seeds of Change Frozen Dinners

Are you tired of Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice dinners? We gave those up ages ago. They are usually boring, bland, and the quality has been questionable. Check out their ingredient panels and you’ll see what we mean! If you are looking for something better, we think we’ve found it. Seeds of Change offers a […]

Healthy Handfuls

Not all dieters give up snack crackers or other nibbles while losing weight. 100-Calorie snack packs have become very popular among calorie counters, and include treats such as reduced fat Oreo cookies, potato chips, and cheese crackers. I’ll bet some of you pack them in your kid’s lunch bag so they have a healthier dessert. […]

Grilled Salmon Salad from Panera Bread

Dining out can be very difficult if you want to enjoy a meal without feeling guilty afterwards. We recently tried the Grilled Salmon Salad from Panera Bread and were amazed by how good it was, especially for a low calorie meal! The Grilled Salmon Salad consists of a variety of lettuce, topped with a large […]

Hostess 100 Calorie Packs

Sometimes you want a little something sweet and a bowl of grapes isn’t going to cut it. You want cake, but you know you can’t stop at just one slice. Hostess has joined the “100 Calorie Pack” club and now offer tiny little cupcakes, complete with frosting, for just 100 calories per pack of 3 […]

Z-Trim Fat Replacer

Fat makes everything taste better. It makes our salad dressings creamier, our baked goods moister, and makes everything taste better because it’s a flavor carrier. It also does a fantastic job at increasing our spare tires and thunder thighs. So, you’ve decided you can live without the thunder thighs, but do you really need to […]