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The Best Drinks for Iron Nutrition

Non-meat iron sources can be hard to come by, but iron nutrition can easily be satisfied through the right non-meat foods, and even drinks. These drinks will make it easy to get your Recommended Daily Allowance of iron. Iron rich drinks come in two categories: fortified mixes and more common sources. Mixes The mixes offer […]

Is Carnitine Powder Beneficial?

Carnitine powder is a dietary supplement often marketed as being beneficial to both weight loss and exercise enhancement because of its role in metabolism. Carnitine is an amino acid that the body uses to produce fuel for the body cells from dietary intake of fatty acids. Research on Carnitine Some animal studies have found that […]

A Buyer’s Guide to Soy Protein Bars

Soy protein is an essential element in many people’s diets, serving as a source of animal-like protein for vegetarians, helping adults lower cholesterol and reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer. It increases the nutritional value of other foods as well as providing extra amounts of amino acids. Soy protein bars are one of […]

Healthy Choice New Natural Frozen Meals

The frozen diet dinner market is filled with McProcessed foods that barely pass as edible, and low calorie counts take priority over the quality of ingredients. We haven’t had much luck with Healthy Choice dinners in the past, with experiences ranging from off flavors to chunks of plastic hidden under the pasta. Could their new […]

LeViv Diet Meal Delivery

Sometimes it’s hard to find time to plan and cook a healthy menu, and make sure you stay on plan. Diet meal delivery programs make it easy to stay on plan no matter what obstacles you face. Everyone has heard of Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, but you probably haven’t heard of LeViv. LeViv is a […]

We tried Paula Deen, ya’ll!

We never thought we could afford the calories in the cuisine that is created by this butter-loving Southern Belle from Savannah, GA. The same woman that brings us Fried Twinkies can also cook up a mean batch of salad dressings, all featuring classic southern ingredients like peaches, Vidalia onions, blackberries, and walnuts. We gave them […]

Brown Bagging made easier with Fit n Fresh

Until recently, lunch wasn’t a problem because I worked from a home office. Now that I’m out in the real world, lunch has become a real problem. Dining out isn’t the wisest move, and brown bagging has it’s limitations. I have visited a blog called Vegan Lunch Box that includes the neatest little packages of […]

Walden Farms Calorie Free Caramel Dip

Many of you are familiar with Walden Farms salad dressings. They are calorie free, which seems like a dieters delight. But they bring mixed reviews whenever they are mentioned. We don’t like them, and we don’t personally know anyone who does, but they do have some fans. We decided to try another product by Walden […]

Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice

What’s green, lightly sweet, supposed to be bad for you but is surprisingly nutritious? If you’ve never tried jade rice, you’re in for a treat! We used to think of rice as white or brown, with brown being the most nutritious, but for some reason the mass of white starch was always preferred by the […]