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How to Make Vegan Chocolate from Scratch

Making your own vegan chocolate is not an easy endeavor, but the end product can be well worth the effort. Vegan chocolate from scratch will contain only the ingredients you want it to. Done correctly, it will still have all the marvelous tastes and textures of chocolate. The Beans The first thing you need to […]

Vegan Dishes for Your Non Vegan Spouse

Just because your spouse may be a non vegan, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare vegan dishes at mealtime. There are a variety of vegan dishes out there that can be just as delicious as animal and dairy based meals. The trick is to get creative and take full advantage of herbs and spices to […]

Vegan Pizza: 6 Crucial Ingredients for Any Recipe

Although a vegan pizza sounds easy enough, creative recipe planning and using crucial ingredients can help you get needed nutrients and minerals. Pizza is a great choice for vegans…it is quick and easy to add those minerals that are generally lacking in a vegan diet. It is convenient to tweak meat-eater’s recipes to please vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike! […]

How to Keep Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies Fluffy

Many people believe chocolate chip vegan cookies will be flat, hard and tasteless because of the lack of dairy products and eggs. However, there are ways to make wonderfully moist, chewy and fluffy vegan cookies that even non-vegans will beg for. Vegan Substitutions The key to making a chocolate chip cookie recipe fluffy is to […]

Desserts Stuffed with Antioxidants

Take healthy eating all the way to dessert with some antioxidants in your sweet stuff!  Berries and chocolate are among the foods that are most rich in antioxidants, or the free-radical fighting molecules in our bodies that help reduce cell damage. You already know–and have known for years–that there are some antioxidants that should be […]

Cooking Light Using a Low Fat Cookbook

Using a low fat cookbook, you can create a great meal plan and shopping list and get on your way to a healthier diet packed with lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Here’s how: Select a Low Fat Cookbook Search online or get recommendations from friends for a good low fat cookbook. […]

Vegan Cookies

3 large, ripe bananas, pureed 1 tsp. vanilla extract ¼ cup warm coconut, olive or canola oil 2 cups rolled gluten free oats 2/3 cup almond meal 1/3 cup coconut, shredded and unsweetened 1/2 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. fine grain sea salt 1 tsp. baking powder 6 to 7 oz. chocolate chips Preheat oven to […]