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3 Fast Food Fake-Out Recipes

Sometimes we all want a fast-food cheat. These three recipes are inspired by the high-fat, calorie-dense originals, but are remade in a healthier way. While these recipes can’t really be considered “health food,” they are a great way to indulge without busting the dietary bank. Fake-Out 1: Taco Bell’s Taco Supreme By using lighter ingredients, […]


10 Healthy and Delicious Desserts

There’s a science behind our sometimes irrational craving for sweets after dinner. Sugar causes our brains to release the chemical serotonin, which we know boosts our mood and causes us to feel more relaxed. Further, we are creatures of habit, and a study from the Journal of Nutrition shows the regular consumption of sweets can […]


How to Make Delicious 65-Calorie Brownies

These raw brownie bites provide a chocolate treat without the added fat and sugar of regular brownies. They contain dates, which are a naturally sweet ingredient, so they are perfect to have as a sweet snack after dinner. By having these healthier (delicious) options in the house, you don’t have any excuse to reach for […]

Vegan Tofu: Eat This to Lose Weight Fast

For those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle, which excludes the use of all animal products, finding foods that are high in protein can be difficult. Vegan tofu is not only a great source of non-animal protein, but it is also extremely malleable in that it can be incorporated into pretty much any dish. Since […]

Healthy Milk Chocolate Bars: Make Them Yourself

Milk chocolate bars are one of the easiest treats to make at home. All you really need is a bag or two of baking chocolate, a double boiler, and something to use as a mold. Molds can be bought in baking shops or hobby stores, but aluminum foil, greased or sprayed with a non-stick spray […]

Vegan Breakfast: Making a Vegan Grand Slam

Eggs, bacon, pancakes and sausage can all be attained in a grand slam vegan breakfast. If done right, non-vegans will not only be surprised but quite impressed. Vegans will simply be appreciative. The main thing is to check all your ingredients. Many companies make delectable meat, egg and dairy substitutes, but not all of them label their packages […]

Vegan Cooking: Meals Kids will Love

Vegan cooking can be very interesting and rewarding, especially if the kids love the vegan meals you prepare. As a mother, you would know how difficult it can get to make the kids eat wholesome and nutritious food. Listed below are some simple, yet healthy, recipes for vegan food that are sure to tempt your […]