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The Best Stretches for Difficult to Stretch Muscles

If you’ve ever tried different stretches for those muscles in your hips and couldn’t quite reach them, then you know that certain muscles are simply difficult to stretch. These muscles require special attention to make sure they’re stretched and taken care of properly. Use these stretches to increase flexibility and muscle use in those hard […]

What Is Static Stretching?

Static stretching is a set of movements, or stretches, that are done to lengthen, or stretch out, a muscle. These types of stretches are different from others because they are done when the body is at rest and is not moving. Slow and fluid movements are used to get to the stretched position, and this […]

A Power Stretching Calisthenics Routine

There is controversy about just how useful stretching before calisthenics really is. Some experts say it doesn’t help improve athletic performance, nor has it been shown to prevent injury. But that doesn’t seem to stop anyone, professionals and beginners alike, from stretching. Some believe it improves their workout and others just like how it feels. Here we […]

5 Cool Down Flexibility Exercises

It’s just as important to build flexibility in your workouts as it is to build strength. Without flexibility, your muscles would shorten as they grew stronger and you’d find yourself with a limited range of movement. Every time you exercise, you should take time for a post workout cool down period, during whic

5 Essential Stretching Tips

Stretching is an important part of working out. Stretching helps you maintain good posture and can improve your range of movement throughout life. Stretching prevents muscles soreness and helps your muscles recover more quickly. Here are some essential tips for how to stretch effectively. 1. Stretch at the Beginning and the End of Your Workouts […]

4 Best Stretches for Runners

Stretches for runners help to prevent muscle injury and muscle soreness. Medicals and sports professionals recommend stretching before and after every workout. Here are some of the best stretches for runners. 1. Quad Stretch The quadriceps are the big muscles on the front of your thigh. Stretching this group of powerful muscles is essential for […]

4 Health Fitness Training Stretches to Prevent Injury

Stretching exercises should be an integral part of your health fitness training program. Stretching improves the agility of your muscles, making them more flexible. Flexible muscles are more resistant to injuries than stiff ones.  Stretching is crucial to enhance your strength and control over your mind and body. As a result, it is an extremely […]