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How to Stretch at your Desk

If you, like many people, spend too much time sitting at your desk in front of a computer, it’s important to learn how to stretch to avoid back pain and muscle aches. It’s easy to learn a few simple stretches to work your muscles, increase your energy, and keep you focused. Upper Body Stretches To […]

Stretching after Back Surgery

With the many variations of back surgery, stretching exercises need to be tailored in order to meet the recovery requirements of each kind. For people who have just had back surgery, the safest stretching exercise position is the neutral back or spine position. This can be easily accomplished while lying down, sitting, standing or walking. […]

6 Stretches to Ease Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common medical complaint. Neck pain comes from muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, injuries and diseases. This pain is often caused by poor posture or muscle overuse. According to the Mayo Clinic, a doctor may recommend neck exercises and stretches to help treat neck pain. These exercises can help restore muscle […]

Stretching to Avoid Back Injury

Many avid exercisers may experience a mild to severe back injury if they don’t properly stretch the back muscles before engaging in rigorous exercises. Stretching to avoid back injury can help to offset any problems and get the maximum benefit from a workout. There are many types of stretching exercises that are beneficial to the […]

5 Simple Stretches for a Bikini Body

If you are determined to wear a bikini to the beach this year, stretching will be an important part of your fitness routine. Not only is stretching an integral part of keeping muscles loose and limber, but it also helps to tone and tighten some key bikini body areas. Here are 5 simple stretches that […]

Lupus, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Conditions and Stretching

The benefits of stretching are vast and well documented. According to the Mayo Clinic, stretching increases flexibility, improves range of motion for joints, improves circulation and relieves stress. In addition to all these benefits, stretching may also help prevent injuries. For individuals who suffer from a medical condition, stretching may offer additional benefits. Prior to […]

Stretching after Knee Surgery

Regularly stretching after knee surgery will help you have a faster recovery time. Always consult your doctor before performing any stretches or exercises after surgery. Begin with a brief aerobic warm up, and stop immediately if any activity causes pain or discomfort. Hold the stretch for 20 to 60 seconds without bouncing, and repeat on both […]

Exercise Ball Stretches

Stretching before a workout on an exercise ball can give a little bit of variety to the regular everyday workout. There are many stretches you can perform on an inexpensive exercise ball. These stretches are great for relaxing your muscles and your mind also. Warm-Up Stretch While lying face up on the ball, roll down until […]

Potentially Dangerous Stretches

Performing stretches before and after your workout is a great way to increase your flexibility and range of motion. It greatly improves your training and overall quality of life. However, performing stretches when you lack proper flexibility can result in injury. Before your next workout, make sure you know these potentially dangerous stretches and how […]

Stretching before and after Exercise: Myths and Facts

Stretching before and after exercise is always a confusing component in a workout regimen. When improving our bodies, we always work to become stronger, leaner and curvier. This plan often leaves out one of the key components in overall physical fitness: flexibility. Poor flexibility leads to a limited range of motion, which often leads to […]