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The 4 Best Exercises to Tone Your Thighs

Toning your thighs can be a tedious process. Unlike conventional weightlifting, muscle toning requires the use of lesser amounts of weight and careful attention to repetition. Toning is a process vastly different from strength development. As opposed to building muscle mass, toning is a process of making muscle appear more defined. A successful thigh-toning workout […]


Is Spot Reduction a Myth?

The concept of “spot reduction,” that is, the seeming phenomenon of being able to concentrate fat loss in a particular segment of the body, is impossible to accomplish. This popular myth is shared among a decent percentage of active gym-goers. While it could simply be a psychological ploy that some exercise enthusiasts may adopt for […]


The 4 Best Arm Exercises

It’s almost summer time! How are you preparing for the season of tank tops and T-shirts? While it is impossible to “spot reduce” body fat (i.e. losing fat specifically from one part of your body) you can definitely give your arms a little bit of a boost by developing the muscles that will help you […]


How to Start Weightlifting (and Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed)

Weightlifting. The word brings to mind images of beefy men with bulging and veiny muscles throwing around giant dumbbells, and barbells bending under the weight of hundreds and hundreds of pounds being aggressively squatted or bench-pressed by sweaty, glistening and testosterone-filled macho men. As an outsider looking in, the world of weightlifting can be intimidating. […]

3 Exercises for Inner Thighs

While the inner thighs are often notorious for storing body fat, exercises for inner thighs can be highly effective when done correctly. For best results, a combination of the exercises described below should be followed. Research has found that performing a variety of different types of exercises is much more effective than focusing on one specific exercise. […]

Exercise Band Exercises: Assisted Hamstring Stretch

The assisted hamstring stretch promotes flexibility in the hamstring muscles while releasing tension in the legs, hips and buttocks. During this supine stretch, blood flow to the upper body and brain increases as the leg is raised above the head. Using an exercise band intensifies this pose by adding resistance and allowing you to deepen […]

Stability Ball Exercises: Stability Ball Crunch

A stability ball adds a whole new dimension to exercises you’re already familiar with. The stability ball has also been called a balance ball, because your body goes through numerous involuntary muscular contractions to maintain your balance while using the ball. These involuntary muscular contractions required to maintain your balance while using a stability ball […]