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Pec Deck Exercises: Pec Deck Chest Fly

The pec deck chest fly exercise, also called a butterfly, is used to isolate, stretch and develop the chest or pectoralis major muscles. The pectoralis minor muscles in the chest, the deltoid muscles in the shoulders, and the serratus muscles in the rib cage also benefit from pec deck chest fly exercises. It is considered […]

Endurance Training for Ultra Cycling

Quite a bit of endurance training is necessary to participate in the sport of ultra cycling. The sport requires cyclists to ride for longer distances and harsher climbs. Because of this, ultra cyclists have a rigorous training schedule, and most who take part in ultra cycling events monitor their nutrition on a daily basis. Training […]

4 Healthy Post Workout Activities

Post workout activities are just as important as the steps you take to prepare for a workout. If you are like most people then you probably take the time to load up on water and do some stretching exercises before a workout. However, as soon as you finish your workout then chances are you just […]

4 Ways to Enhance Your Post Workout

After a particularly grueling run or an intense session of lifting weights, there are activities you can do to maximize your time spent post workout. Adding a little strategy to the time you spend after a workout can not only improve the positive benefits of exercise, but  it can also help to improve your recovery […]

Why You Don’t Need Surgery to Flush Fat

Many people who are overweight or obese look to lose weight through a process in which they flush fat from their systems. The idea behind a procedure like this is to eliminate as much fat as is possible or necessary from your body, as quickly as possible. In order to accomplish this, many people feel […]

How to Use a Balance Board

A balance board, also known as a wobble board, is used in physical training to improve balance and stability. It is a round wooden disk with grip support on top and a moveable ball on the bottom. You use a balance board by standing on the flat surface and attempting to balance so that no […]

4 Easy Types of Morning Exercise

Waking up early to squeeze in some morning exercise is hard enough as it is, never mind mustering up the energy and willpower to make it through an hour long kickboxing class or treadmill run. If you’re looking to work out in the morning hours, doing some type of easy morning exercise is key to […]

Aerobics: Myths and Facts

You need to understand what the myths and facts concerning aerobics are before beginning an exercise program, in order to get maximum results. A fitness program should be a combination workouts, and not just cardio or weight training alone. The key is balance. There are a few myths out there that will hinder weight loss, […]

4 Health Benefits of Morning Exercise

If you follow a morning exercise routine, you can go about your day without feeling sluggish. By kicking up your energy level during exercise, your metabolism increases and you use up more energy throughout the day, which translates to burning more fats and calories. It is the best way to start the day, and you […]