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How Interval Training Helps Boost Aerobic Capacity

Interval training is a term that you’re likely to hear thrown around by athletes of various types. This specific type of training provides a diverse array of different benefits to anyone who participates in cardiovascular activity, because it works both the aerobic and the anaerobic systems. Interval training consists of cardiovascular activity that alternates between […]


Yoga Postures: Sun Salutation

Sun salutation is not specifically a yoga posture, but instead is a series of movements which are typically done at the start of any yoga session, and are designed to increase flexibility and prepare the body for exercise. To perform sun salutations, start by standing tall in the center of your exercise mat with your […]

Aquatic Exercise: 3 Fun Options

Aquatic exercise is an excellent low impact way of strengthening and toning your muscles while burning calories. Working out in water is also a lot of fun, and a variety of different routines can keep you motivated and enjoying yourself so you won’t dread the daily workout. Here are some fun options for aquatic exercise. […]

How to Add Flexibility Exercises in Your Workouts

Flexibility exercises are an important part of every workout. Stretching lengthens your muscles, improves your circulation and helps to prevent injuries. Regardless of the type of exercise you engage in, flexibility exercises can be incorporated both before and after an aerobic or weight lifting session. Always Warm Up Before Stretching Becoming more flexible requires patience […]

4 Ways to Make Your Aerobics Routine More Intense

Participating in aerobics is a great way to help you slim down and improve your health. It can sometimes be difficult to determine how to increase the intensity of your current aerobics program. In order to keep making progress in your routine, try adding an incline, increasing the speed at which you’re working, adding variety to […]

How to Lose Weight Fast with Aquatic Exercise

Aquatic exercise is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve full-body strength and loose weight quickly. Not only are aquatic exercise techniques easy on the body’s joints, they are also fun and relaxing. This helps to keep those seeking weight loss interested and dedicated to their exercise regimen. Overview of Aquatic Exercise In order […]

Yoga Postures: Cow Face Posture

The Cow Face Posture or Gomukhasana is one of many yoga postures that benefits the hips, ankles, shoulders and chest; it also strengthens the core. When in proper position and using a little imagination, the knees look like a cow’s closed mouth and the elbows look like ears. It works well to relieve sciatic pain, […]