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Aerobic Step Exercises: Step Overs

If you are interested in losing weight or increasing your current fitness level, the aerobic step may be perfect for you. Unlike strength training exercises, which are typically done in a gym, the aerobic step can be done almost anywhere, even in the safety and security of your own home. The Background of Aerobic Exercise While […]

Aerobic Step Exercises: Double Leg Drop Cable Pullover

Aerobic step exercises are a modified form of aerobics that can help you lose weight, strengthen muscles, increase stamina and improve overall body tone if they’re done regularly. Step Exercises Step exercises can be performed anywhere and they’re easy to do. They benefit your physical and mental health. A step box or platform that’s ½ […]

Aerobic Step Exercises: Aerobic Step-Ups

Aerobic step-ups are the most basic exercise you can do with the aerobic step. However, knowing how to do the step-ups properly is key to getting the maximum benefit of the routine. Before you begin walking up and down on your step, take the time to understand what muscles you’ll be working on and how […]

How to Use an Aerobic Step

An aerobic step is a great addition to your home gym. The step has come a long way from its aerobics class days. You can intensify simple moves just by utilizing the step to do them. Aerobic steps are also easy to store and easy to use. Before Using the Aerobic Step Use stretching and […]

What is an Aerobic Step?

An aerobic step is a platform that ranges in height from 4to 10 inches and has a rubber tread on the top to prevent slipping. In addition to being an excellent source of cardio, step aerobics is a great way of toning your thighs, legs and glutes. Proper Usage Before beginning your workout, ensure that […]

Running Injury? Four Alternative Exercises

A running injury can really hold you back from being able to keep up with your running regimen, which in turn can play a role in your commitment and motivation to working out. While it might seem like the right thing to do is to get back into your routine and run through your pain […]

The Cardio Benefits of Tap Dance

Tap dance is a great option if you are looking to spice up your cardio workout. Dance, in general, is an enjoyable activity, a form of expression that offers physical benefits. Tap dance, in particular, engages both your mind and your body. Tap dancing is a great way to get your heartbeat up while moving […]

Stationary Exercise Bike vs. Elliptical: Which Burns More Calories?

The age old stationary exercise bike has been the fitness staple of housewives worldwide for decades. First to be promoted as the easy at home exerciser, the stationary exercise bike uses the pedalling action and main components of the standard bike, on an immobile machine, to emulate riding on different terrains. Since its original and […]

How Swimming Exercises Can Help Speed Up Weight Loss

Having a fitness routine that includes swimming exercises can help you to reach a weight loss goal at a faster rate. Try swimming in a pool one day, then going to a lake or to the ocean the next time you swim. Do a variety of different strokes when you swim, and try to increase […]

3 Cardio Workouts with Dumbbells

Spending hours on the treadmill every week can be a boring way to get your cardio workouts in; adding dumbbells to your cardio routine is a fun way to burn more calories, increase your metabolism and break the monotony of your old routine. You’ll also get quicker body-changing results by combining your cardio workout with […]