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Maximizing Your Home Cardio Workout Routine

It’s a fitness and home cardio fact of life: not all workouts are created equal and maximizing your home workout is crucial for weight loss success. Time is money, and it can be quite difficult finding the time to fit in home cardio workouts. That is why it is of the utmost importance to ensure […]

4 Signs Your Cardio Training is Effective

From professional athletes to couch potatoes, cardio training is often the least popular part of the average workout routine. Not only is it exhausting, it is also time consuming, repetitive, and boring. Even if you have discovered the key to enjoying your cardio training program, you still have to fight the off-days when your list […]

Cardio Weight Loss Exercises For Your Body Type

Paying attention to your body type can help you decide what kind of cardio weight loss is right for you. Since all people are built differently, it makes sense to choose cardio exercises that will work for your specific frame. Determine what body shape you have by looking at the list below. Then, consider the […]

Cardio Kickboxing: How Many Calories Are Burned?

Are you looking to spice up your workouts and add some creativity and variation to your exercise regimen? Are you looking for an innovative way to burn an immense amount of calories? If so, it’s time to try cardio kickboxing and experience the thrills and fitness benefits of this high-energy aerobics routine. Cardio Kickboxing 101 […]

Boosting Cardio Fitness With Sports: 6 Choices

Bored to death running on the treadmill?  Dreading the monotony of your next stairmaster session?  Instead of forcing yourself to “work out,” why don’t you engage yourself in some cardio sports?  Playing sports is one of the most enjoyable ways to stay in shape.  In addition, getting involved in some kind of sport is a […]

5 Cardio Workout Tips For Slimming Your Waistline

The cardio workout for women is probably the most popular exercise plan for American women today.  And this isn’t without reason — with the staggering amount of office desk jobs, a solid cardio workout plan is one of the best ways for women to stay in shape.  Its benefits are endless: you maintain excellent cardiovascular […]