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Why You Need to Start Using the StairMaster

Cardiovascular activity is a pivotal component of a complete exercise regimen. It’s important to maintain a balance of endurance training and weightlifting activity when trying to achieve a greater level of physical fitness. While a decent number of gym-goers use a conventional treadmill for their cardio fix, alternative methods of heart-pumping activity can be more […]


10 Ways to Make Your Cardio More Enjoyable

Cardio can be one of the most boring things on the planet if you’re not careful. Imagine an hour of low-intensity cycling, jogging or using the elliptical machine, and you can see just how mind-numbing it can be. But what if there was a way to make your cardio more fun? Check out the ideas […]


What’s Better: Walking or the Elliptical?

When you’re looking for an effective cardiovascular workout, the array of machines at the gym can quickly become overwhelming. It can be hard to decide which machine will give you the best outcome and help you get to your goals. Do you go for the treadmill, the elliptical, or just head outside for a walk? […]


Don’t Even Think About Losing Weight By Doing This…

The weight loss fad is an on-going trend that millions of workout enthusiasts try to conquer as part of their customized exercise regimens. While losing weight is a definitive goal, it’s important to realize that weight loss will not happen overnight. Rather, it’s a steady process that requires commitment to intense bouts of exercise, and […]


4 Low-Impact Calorie-Blasting Exercise Ideas

In the fitness world, some of the most prescribed ways to lose weight and get healthy are often some of the most intense and high-impact ways to workout. Exercises such as running, jumping/plyo, and heavy lifting are sure to burn calories and fat and help you lose weight, but they can also be hard on […]

An Introduction to Chi Running

Chi running is a form of running that draws on elements of tai chi and mind-body-spirit philosophy. Its founder, Danny Dreyer, drew from his study of tai chi and his decades of experience with running and racing to create this unique approach to running. Chi running is intended to help you draw on your inner […]

Chi Running: A Mind and Body Experience

Chi running takes running, which is usually thought of as a physical activity, and turns it into a mind and body experience. Chi running founder, Danny Dreyer, took his experience in tai chi and combined it with his decades of running and racing experience to coach people in a method of running that is more […]

Are Cardio Exercises Really the Best for Burning Fat?

Burning fat is the goal of most dieters. One of the more common pieces of advice related to fat burning is to establish a regular fitness regimen that includes cardiovascular exercise. What is the relationship between cardio and exercise? Cardio and Burning Fat Your body is burning calories at all times, even while you sleep. […]