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4 Low-Impact Calorie-Blasting Exercise Ideas

In the fitness world, some of the most prescribed ways to lose weight and get healthy are often some of the most intense and high-impact ways to workout. Exercises such as running, jumping/plyo, and heavy lifting are sure to burn calories and fat and help you lose weight, but they can also be hard on […]

An Introduction to Chi Running

Chi running is a form of running that draws on elements of tai chi and mind-body-spirit philosophy. Its founder, Danny Dreyer, drew from his study of tai chi and his decades of experience with running and racing to create this unique approach to running. Chi running is intended to help you draw on your inner […]

Chi Running: A Mind and Body Experience

Chi running takes running, which is usually thought of as a physical activity, and turns it into a mind and body experience. Chi running founder, Danny Dreyer, took his experience in tai chi and combined it with his decades of running and racing experience to coach people in a method of running that is more […]

Are Cardio Exercises Really the Best for Burning Fat?

Burning fat is the goal of most dieters. One of the more common pieces of advice related to fat burning is to establish a regular fitness regimen that includes cardiovascular exercise. What is the relationship between cardio and exercise? Cardio and Burning Fat Your body is burning calories at all times, even while you sleep. […]

Aerobic Step Exercises: Step Overs

If you are interested in losing weight or increasing your current fitness level, the aerobic step may be perfect for you. Unlike strength training exercises, which are typically done in a gym, the aerobic step can be done almost anywhere, even in the safety and security of your own home. The Background of Aerobic Exercise While […]

Aerobic Step Exercises: Double Leg Drop Cable Pullover

Aerobic step exercises are a modified form of aerobics that can help you lose weight, strengthen muscles, increase stamina and improve overall body tone if they’re done regularly. Step Exercises Step exercises can be performed anywhere and they’re easy to do. They benefit your physical and mental health. A step box or platform that’s ½ […]

Aerobic Step Exercises: Aerobic Step-Ups

Aerobic step-ups are the most basic exercise you can do with the aerobic step. However, knowing how to do the step-ups properly is key to getting the maximum benefit of the routine. Before you begin walking up and down on your step, take the time to understand what muscles you’ll be working on and how […]

How to Use an Aerobic Step

An aerobic step is a great addition to your home gym. The step has come a long way from its aerobics class days. You can intensify simple moves just by utilizing the step to do them. Aerobic steps are also easy to store and easy to use. Before Using the Aerobic Step Use stretching and […]