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Celery and Other Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Celery can be a tasty, refreshing treat, especially if you want to cut down on your snacking. It is loaded with vitamins and makes you feel full for virtually zero calories. Celery, however, is not the only healthy snack that is ideal for weight loss. There are great foods that you can nibble on without […]

Why Lifestyle Flexibility Is Important to Your Diet

Developing flexibility in your lifestyle is a significant factor in diet success. Being open to doing things in a new way, choosing healthy foods that you’re not accustomed to and creating flexibility in your meal times can make a big difference when you’re trying to lose weight. New Ways of Doing Things Creating a successful […]

Diet Support: Why Friends Can Help You Lose Weight

Good diet support consists of being equipped with the right information and emotional support. Dieting can be frustrating and stressful. Supportive friends can help you in your efforts to lose weight by listening when you’re frustrated, exercising with you on a regular basis, reviewing your food journal and encouraging you when they see positive changes. […]

How Cumin Can Aid in Weight Loss

Cumin is a savory cooking spice that belongs to the Apiaceae family and is widely used in Asian, African and Latin American cooking. It is a healthy and tasty spice that offers various physical and mental health benefits. Cumin Cumin seeds are found in a flowering annual plant called cuminum cyminum. It is the second […]

How Weight Gain Can Cause Hypertension

If you have excessive weight gain, you most likely have hypertension. The association between weight gain and hypertension is widely known, but the exact nature of this relationship is still being studied. It is thought that excessive weight gain can cause hypertension through the increase of several hormones and through changes in body physiology and […]