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Antioxidants in Capsule Form

Antioxidants are good for the overall health of the body. They prevent the harmful effects of free radicals inside the body, such as cellular damage and cancer formation. They are also said to slow down the aging process. Human beings, however, cannot run away from free radicals because they are products of important processes inside […]

Chocolate Milk and Calcium Absorption

Most children love to drink chocolate milk. Many mothers, however, have heard that chocolate milk decreases calcium absorption in the intestines. It was found that chocolates contain oxalic acid, which can bind to the calcium in milk, thus preventing the absorption of calcium in the body. The amount of oxalic acid contained in chocolate milk, […]

Caffeine Effects on Women’s Health

Lattes, espressos, even that innocent cup of instant coffee you grab in the morning before work, caffeine is prevalent in more foods and drinks than we may think. For that very reason, it’s easy to build up a dependency on caffeine and perhaps consume more than you ought to on any given day. Because caffeine […]

Iced Tea and Antioxidants

No matter how you like it – iced or hot – tea is packed with valuable antioxidants that reduce your heart disease risk and help prevent diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you like green tea, black tea, white tea or oolong tea, it all is rich in polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that works […]

Wine Antioxidants: Port and Other Fortified Wines

If you enjoy sweeter dessert wines, you may be wondering if the valuable wine antioxidants are found in these fortified wines. The answer depends on which fortified wines you enjoy, as the red ones do have the same antioxidants as red wine, while the white varieties, like white wine, do not.  All red wines contain polyphenol […]

Consuming Antioxidants Through Coffee

Most people are very health concious these days and do their best to consume nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Surprisingly, in the United States, the number one source of those antioxidants just happens to be coffee. The morning cup of Joe, aside from allowing you to start the day less cranky, also helps your body defend […]

How Antioxidants Interact with your Body

Antioxidants are a crucial part of the diet because of the protection they offer the body. Knowing how antioxidants interact with your body will help you understand why it is important for you to include them in your diet on a daily basis, but not to oversupplement. Cell Protectors Antioxidants protect the cells in your […]

Desserts Stuffed with Antioxidants

Take healthy eating all the way to dessert with some antioxidants in your sweet stuff!  Berries and chocolate are among the foods that are most rich in antioxidants, or the free-radical fighting molecules in our bodies that help reduce cell damage. You already know–and have known for years–that there are some antioxidants that should be […]