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The Truth About Breastfeeding And Weight Revealed

Almost all new mothers are concerned about losing the weight they gained during pregnancy, however losing the extra pounds may not be as difficult as you imagine.  While it is true that you need to consume an extra 500 calories per day while breastfeeding, the average infant consumes 650 calories per day through breastfeeding, which […]

Diabetes: Managing Your Carbohydrate Intake

One of the most common and persistent ailments in the world, diabetes occurs when the body is not processing sugar correctly. This can be controlled by counting the diabetes carbohydrate intake in your diet. Your doctor can diagnose your diabetes as either as Type I, where your pancreas stops producing insulin totally, or Type II […]

Nursing Diet: How Many Calories Do You Need?

Each breastfed little bundle of joy takes in approximately 650 calories per day from mother’s breast milk.  This means that a nursing mother requires a nursing diet, and she will need to consume 500 calories above her pre-pregnancy recommended daily allowance.  This is why nursing women loose weight quicker after delivery; they automatically loose approximately […]

Reducing Diabetes Risks

Diabetes is influenced by your vegan lifestyle by default, as many of the heart diseases associated with this affliction are prevented. However, following a specific diabetes vegan diet can help you to alleviate many diabetes symptoms, and sometimes you can even treat the problem only by using vegan foods. Consume More Fruits and Vegetables It […]