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Russian Airforce Diet

This fad diet is very low in calories and cannot provide proper nourishment. It is claimed to have been followed by soldiers in the Soviet Union. However, we cannot find proof of this, and suspect it like the Mayo Clinic diet – just an interesting name to a bad fad diet. Rules:Drink at least 4 […]

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has taken the world by storm. Originally designed as a healthy eating plan for cardiac patients, this diet has proven to be a successful weight loss diet as well. The South Beach Diet fills a necessary void between low carb and low fat diets. It only eliminates bad carbs, or high […]

Subway Diet

Most of us have seen the commercials that show a few people that lost large amounts of weight by eating sandwiches from Subway. “Man Loses 245 Pounds Eating Nothing But SUBWAY Sandwiches” What they don’t say in the commercials, but do state in the press release, is that this man was formerly living on “the […]

Volumetrics Eating Plan

Less is not always more, especially when it comes to food! If a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner is your idea of an appetizer, it might be time to look at a new eating plan. Barbara Rolls, PhD, created the Volumetrics Eating Plan, which teaches us how we can eat a lot of high volume, low […]

Northwoods Diet

The Northwoods Diet was developed by David Bernlohr, an obesity researcher and professor at the University of Minnesota. Bernlohr said he’d fallen into the traditional American habits of skipping breakfast, eating too much during the day, and eating too late at night. So he created a diet for himself, that he jokingly dubbed the “Northwoods […]