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Makin’ Bacon

If you like bacon, consider Canadian bacon for a healthier choice. A once ounce serving of Canadian bacon has 50 calories and just 2 grams of fat. An ounce of regular bacon has 165 calories and a whopping 14 grams of fat. But don’t forget that both are high in sodium.


As if we need another reason to lose weight – Are you bothered by heartburn? Studies show that being overweight can bring on heartburn or make it worse. When people lose weight, they are less likely to suffer from heartburn.

Lose 10 without noticing

If you cut just 96 calories a day, which is about a slice and a half of bread, you will lose 10 pounds in one year without ever noticing. You’ll gain the same benefit if you increase your activity a little to burn 96 extra calories a day.

Go Wild

Wild rice is not a rice at all, but is a grass seed native to North America. It is nutty in flavor and has more protein and fewer calories than white rice.

Weigh In

Keep tabs on your weight: Nearly half of those who successfully shed pounds said they weighed themselves regularly. Regular trips to the scale helped to keep tabs on any weight fluctuations and indicate the need to correct them. Weigh daily if it helps keep you on track.

Losing Weight: More Than Counting Calories

Americans are getting fatter. We’re putting on the pounds at an alarmingly rapid rate. And we’re sacrificing our health for the sake of supersize portions, biggie drinks, and two-for-one value meals, obesity researchers say. More than 60 percent of U.S. adults are either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Foods Low In Energy Density Help Continued Weight Control

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer Research Emphasizing foods that fill you up while limiting calories seems to help not only with losing weight, but with keeping it off too. ‘Energy density’ refers to how many calories a food contains for a certain weight. For an equal number of calories, foods low […]

Fad-Free Weight Control: Find 50 Calories

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN American Institute for Cancer Research Increasingly we hear that Americans are tiring of fad diets and looking for a sensible approach to weight control. One simple solution is to switch from looking for major dietary overhauls to recognizing how differences of just 50 calories can add up to significant weight […]

Kimkins: Anatomy of a Diet Scam

Your high school reunion is 3 weeks away and you’re 25 pounds overweight. Know the feeling? Even if you don’t have an event to plan for, it’s only natural to want to lose weight fast, and the faster the better. Quick weight loss diets are tempting, but most of us have learned the hard way […]