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5-HTP Supplements: What They Can Do for Your Diet

If you’re looking for an added boost to your diet and exercise routine, you may be looking at 5-HTP supplements. This supplement is taken in by your body and immediately changed to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Low levels of serotonin are connected with such symptoms as disturbed sleep, fatigue, mood disturbances, depression and more. Studies have […]

6 Risks of Weight Loss Prescription Drugs

The use of prescription drugs to treat obesity is appropriate in cases where modifications in diet and lifestyle alone aren’t effective. However, these medications should only be used for patients whose lives and health might be at risk because of their obesity. Weight Loss Prescription Drugs There are two types of weight loss prescription drugs […]

The Inside Scoop on Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is a product derived from the seeds of whole grapes. Occasionally, the skin of the fruit is also included in the extraction. Grape seed extract is a popular herbal product that is also one of the best sources of antioxidants around. When consumed as a drink or a supplement, grape seed extract […]

Three Libido Supplements that Can Affect Weight

Libido supplements are designed to help increase your sexual drive. People who suffer from a decreased sex drive oftentimes run into intimacy problems with their partners. This can become a major relationship issue if not dealt with in appropriate ways. Although libido supplements are specifically designed to help increase your sex drive and to enhance […]

Safe Ways to Diet When Taking Libido Supplements

Libido supplements are medicines and nutritional supplements that are designed to increase a person’s sex drive. These supplements can be very helpful in terms of addressing potential problems in a relationship, and many women find them to be a very useful tool at certain points throughout their lives. Libido supplements, like other supplements and medicines […]

Can Libido Supplements Increase Weight Loss?

Libido supplements are generally not recommended as weight loss methods. Specifically, these supplements are designed to aid in the development of an enhanced sexual drive in those who take them. If you are experiencing a reduced sex drive and wish to pick it up again, libido supplements may be the best option for you. While […]