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Scarsdale Diet: Menu Recommendations

After following the Scarsdale Diet menu for 14 days, you’re going to have the freedom to come up with your own menu ideas. However, staying within the seven hundred calorie daily limit isn’t going to be easy. The Scarsdale is what is known as a Very Low Calorie Diet, or VLCD. Listed below, you will […]

What is the 40-30-30 Diet?

The 40-30-30 diet, also known as the Zone Diet, is a type of diet where you draw your calories in a ratio of 40% from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from fat. This diet plan was first popularized in a book by a man named Barry Sears, an eminent biochemist. Dietary Sources You may […]

The Philosophy Behind the Weight Down Diet

The Weigh Down Diet is a method of weight reduction that utilizes healthy eating and prayer to help people lose weight. The basic philosophy is based on the idea that food can be an addiction, and with God’s help the addiction can be broken. The diet takes the principle that many people use food as […]

The Living Low-Carb Diet: Sample Meal Plans

The Living Low-Carb Diet was created by cookbook editor Fran McCullough. McCullough put together the diet when she herself struggled with weight. The Living Low-Carb Diet is not just an ordinary diet, but a lifestyle plan. It shows you how you can achieve weight loss by adapting a diet that is low in carbohydrates. In […]

The Rice Diet: Sample Meal Plan

The Rice Diet is a specially formulated meal plan that has been popular for well over 50 years. With consistent results and the ability to safely and healthily promote sustainable weight loss in patients of a variety of backgrounds, the Rice Diet is a proven method for maintain your weight. If you can’t make the […]

The Oprah Diet: You On a Diet: Sample Meal Plan

Follower of the Oprah Diet: You On a Diet recommend it as a great way to lose weight, tighten your waistline and to generally improve your fitness. This type of diet is designed to be sustainable and long lasting, and is specifically formulated to minimize the stress that is placed upon your body systems as […]

Change One Diet: 3 Easy Lunch Ideas

The Change One Diet is a simple, yet practical lifestyle change in the way that you eat. Reader’s Digest together with multiple nutritionists created this “diet” in hopes that everyone can make a subtle daily change in the way that they consume food. By making that one simple change everyday, it does not actually feel […]

3 Causes of Overeating

If eating too much is one of the causes of your weight gain, then it’s important to learn the causes of overeating before you can address this problem. Overeating leads to weight gain because instead of consuming the right amount of calories in a day, you end up consuming much more. Since the calories are […]

4 Foods to Avoid on the Sunny Side Diet

If you have been following the Sunny Side diet, you’ve probably worked hard to learn the foods and cooking styles that characterize it. The Sunny Side Diet encourages dieters to follow a vegan diet, which means no meat or any food that comes from any part of an animal. Since the exclusion of animal products […]

Could Drinking Juice Be Causing Your Weight Gain?

If you’re on a diet or just getting more acquainted with food science, you may be wondering how drinking juice might affect your overall weight loss plan or fitness goals. The facts are kind of disappointing: although a lot of us think of juice as a healthy, natural item, in reality, drinking a lot of […]