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The Fat Fallacy by Dr. Will Clower

Dr. Will Clower Pub. Date: April 2003 Publisher: Crown Publishing Group The French Paradox has made the headlines for several years. How can the French live on buttery croissants, cheeses, heavy creams, wine, and still be thin and and with less instances of heart disease than Americans? At first, the explanation was the wine. A […]

Flavor Point Diet by Dr. David Katz

If this diet book had been written by anyone else, I would have passed over it without cracking open the cover, assuming it was just another fad diet plan which was was more apt to thin our wallets than our waistlines. After all, the concept does seem gimmicky. The Flavor Point Diet promises that if […]

Denise Austin – Eat Carbs to Lose Weight

The popularity of low carb diets has never been as low as it is now, with only 2% of the nation following a low carb plan. This makes for a very timely release of Denise Austin’s latest book Eat Carbs Lose Weight. Denise lets us eat bread, pasta, potatoes and more, and still lose 2 […]