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5 Healthy Ways to Flush Fat

When you are in the process of losing weight, your body is eating away at your largest fat deposits, so it is important to know how to flush fat out of your system. This is not only important for ridding your body of roaming fat cells, but also for removing the toxins that have embedded […]

4 Easy Ways to Reduce Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits can be a major deterrent when trying to improve your health. No matter what you do: workout incessantly, run miles per week or even take yoga, if you cannot control your unhealthy dietary urges, any progress you see will be fleeting. Below are a number of suggested ways you can apply to changing […]

How to Recognize Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits can easily go unnoticed. This is because most people who lead busy lives are on automatic when it comes to shopping for groceries, planning meals and eating. The trick to identifying bad eating habits is paying close attention to food choices, keeping a food journal and being mindful of portion sizes. Make […]

What Is Considered Unhealthy Dieting

Unhealthy dieting is dangerous with potentially serious health consequences. Diets, in the context of improved eating plans, are helpful when you are overweight. You know you must take charge and start a healthier lifestyle that will get you back on the track of fitness. Dieting becomes dangerous, however, when diets promise dramatic weight loss in a short time […]

How to Keep Weight Off and Healthy Habits On

Keeping weight off can be a challenge as you struggle to maintain healthy habits like exercising and eating right. However, just because it takes some time and effort to be successful at maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t mean it has to be a full time job. In fact, using a few easy tips and tricks […]

4 Helpful Tips to Keeping Weight Off

It is one thing to lose some weight but it’s something entirely different when it comes to keeping weight off. There are numerous success stories about losing lots of weight after a period of time but sadly, most of them end in gaining the weight back and sometimes even more than was lost. Just like […]

Why You're Having Trouble Keeping Weight Off

Keeping weight off is a struggle for many people. Globally, nearly 1.5 billion adults are overweight. The reasons behind excessive weight gain may include poor eating habits, insufficient exercise and/or health issues. If you are struggling to keep weight off, here are a few considerations. Eating Patterns For many people, keeping weight off is a […]

3 Ways Weight Gain Affects Body Stress

Weight gain can cause your body stress in more ways than one. It is no secret that people who gain too much weight put themselves at risk for numerous diseases, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and more. There are other ways that gaining too much weight can stress your body. 1. Weight Gain Can […]

How Body Stress Means More than Weight Gain

Body stress may lead to many serious health problems, other than weight gain. It affects the brain, the cardiovascular system, the muscles and the lungs, leading to both physical and psychological damage. Psychological Disorders Caused by Stress Depression and anxiety are only two psychological problems that can be caused by stress. These problems occur when […]

Finding Your Metabolic Type

Metabolic therapy was first initiated in the 1960s by a dentist named William Kelley. According to Kelley, metabolic type was based on the reaction of the sympathetic (fight) and parasympathetic (flight) systems. He deducted that each individual responds differently to stressful stimuli by fighting it head on or running from it, and this determined their […]

4 Easy Ways to Relieve Body Stress

Body stress is the result of living a fast-paced life full of pressures. It takes time to adjust your mindset to live a stress-free life, so if you are among the many that have yet to achieve that state, there are ways for you to manage stress. 1. Move that Body A regular exercise routine […]

4 Ways Body Stress Affects Your Weight

Body stress can result from numerous factors causing different ailments. When homeostasis (body equilibrium) is unbalanced, the body reacts by launching an immune system assault or by shutting down specific components, such as injured musculature. These responses may present some challenging symptoms. One such symptom is weight gain. Being aware of how your body responds to […]

4 Diet Tips if You End up Eating Late

No matter if you have late meetings, school events or other issues that keep you home, you may have to get used to eating late. Postponing your evening meal for a long period of time can not only make you feel very hungry, but can also wreck havoc on your diet. In order to achieve optimal results, […]

How to Train Yourself to Stop Eating Late

Eating late in the evening or at night can prove to be troublesome in a number of ways. Having a full stomach or ingesting sugary or caffeine-filled foods late at night can keep you awake and disturb your sleep habits. Snacking all evening can undermine all of your efforts during the day to stick to […]

Coconut Oil and Weight Loss: Is There a Relationship?

As argued by supporters of coconut oil, weight loss is a likely outcome of consuming this oil daily. Some proponents recommend consuming this oil for weight loss, arguing that it’s burned up by your body at high speeds. It is suggested that coconut oil has a positive impact on those with low thyroid function. The […]

4 Weight Loss Benefits of Goji Berries

Goji berries are bright red fruits that are also known as wolfberries. Although they are native to China, Mongolia and Tibet, goji berries have gradually found their way to US markets due to their weight loss benefits. If you prefer using natural methods for weight loss, you might want to consider enhancing your diet with […]

The Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms (ganoderma lucidum), also known as ling zhi, are mushrooms that have been used in China dating as far back as 4000 years for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Reishi mushrooms are native to China and grow wild on decaying matter such as dead trees. But as these mushrooms have become more popular and studied, […]

7 Natural and Safe Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are essential components of your gastrointestinal system. Enzymes found in saliva, the stomach and pancreatic juices collaborate with each other to break down the complex molecules in the food you eat to simpler substances that can be absorbed by the gut. Deficiencies in these enzymes will easily lead to indigestion. In worst cases, […]

7 Healthy Digestive Enzymes for Weight Loss

Digestive enzymes are important in breaking down foods so that they can be easily absorbed or eliminated by the body. All enzymes catalyze reactions, which means they decrease the energy needed for a reaction to occur. Without enzymes, it could take hundreds or even thousands of years before the chemical reactions in your body could […]

4 Factors that Increase Fat Cells

Fat cells are storage tanks inside your body that hold reserve sources of energy. They mature like the rest of the body, but continue to increase in size–expanding or shrinking depending on the rate of your metabolism–and in number. Fat cells start out near “empty” when you are lean, but once you take in more […]

Barley vs Oatmeal: The Best Option for Your Diet

Whole grains like barley and oatmeal are excellent choices for snacks and breakfast to help lower cholesterol, prevent type 2 diabetes, protect against heart disease and cancer, and help keep you regular. Depending on what you’re looking for in your diet, they certainly stack up differently, but in most cases, barley beats oatmeal to the nutrition […]

4 Natural Appetite Suppressants

Doctors and researchers are focusing on the development of appetite suppressants. This move was based on the observation that obesity is characterized by the inability to curb appetites for food. If you have problems with obesity or just being overweight, you probably are aware that your body has come to recognize hunger pangs as an […]

The Theory Behind Subliminal Weight Loss

Subliminal weight loss products have become more and more prevalent. Subliminal audio tapes, images and videos are marketed to dieters, asserting that listening to these messages or watching these images will lead to weight loss. The effectiveness of subliminal weight loss techniques has been studied, rendering inconclusive results. The Definition of Subliminal When something is […]

How Weight Loss Can Lower Breast Cancer Risk

If you have gone through menopause and are overweight then you have an increased breast cancer risk. By learning how to reduce your weight it is possible to reduce the chances of suffering from cancers and other conditions. Am I Overweight? Various studies have shown that there is a strong link between obesity and cancer. […]