Grilled Salmon Patties

Serves: 4

Nutrition Information Per Serving:

calories total fat sat fat protein fiber sodium (mg) carbs ww pts
210 4.5 3.5 24 0.5 1200 18 4

recipe ingredients
1 14-3/4 oz. can salmon, or 2 7oz. cans boneless salmon
2 tbsp. lemon juice
1 1/2 tbsp. Dijon-style mustard
3/4 cup dry breadcrumbs
1/2 cup sliced green onions
3 egg whites

recipe directions
Drain and flake salmon. Combine lemon juice and mustard. Blend flaked salmon with breadcrumbs, green onions, and lemon juice-mustard mixture. Mix in egg whites until well blended. Form mixture into 4 patties and grill until lightly browned. Be careful when turning.


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  • joan cook

    I’ve made this for years. Try adding a couple tbsp lemon juice when mixing. I pan fry. It makes four patties – great leftover in hamburger roll with a dash of wasabi mayo.

  • joan cook

    I’ve made this for years but pan fry. We eat two for dinner than reheat the patties and serve in hamburg roll with a dollop of wasabi mayo and lettuce for a great lunch sandwich.

  • sdeets

    love this recipe have used it over and over.