Cornflake Chicken

Serves: 4

Nutrition Information Per Serving:

calories total fat sat fat protein fiber sodium (mg) carbs ww pts
159 1.5 0.5 27 0 282 7 3

recipe ingredients
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, flattened
1 cup cornflake crumbs
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp poultry seasoning
1/2 cup skim milk

recipe directions
Combine cornflake crumbs and seasonings in shallow bowl. Soak chicken in milk then dredge chicken in crumb mixture. Place on baking sheet which has been sprayed with nonstick spray. Bake at 400* about 25 minutes or until lightly browned.


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  • Trish Robinson

    This is a wonderfully satisfying chicken dish. I use it w/ small strips of chicken like chicken fingers. It’s great.

  • Vic

    Have made this heaps of times now, it’s really yummy and crunchy, a good substitute for the old favourite KFC!!!

  • Julie Proctor

    I tried the above recipe and I thought the Cornflake Chicken was excellent. I would recommend the recipe.

  • Jill

    Wonderful recipe – my family loved it! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  • Holly

    This chicken is excellent – Passed the test. My husband said it was better than KFC!

  • Shannon

    I don’t know about better than KFC, but it was pretty good for a lowfat version. I decided to turn mine into chicken parmesan. When it was done I spooned on 1/4C of Bertolli Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce and sprinkled on 1/4C of reduced fat mozarella cheese. Then I placed it back into the oven just until the cheese melted. The parmesan cheese I put on the table for individual taste. I know I added some fat and calories, but my family’s picky tastebuds needed the diversion, and since we LOVE chicken parmesan it was a nice way of making a favorite lower in fat!

  • Stephanie

    I agree with one of the other reviews. It is not better than KFC, but for low fat, it is good. Me and my husband definately plan on making it again. One suggestion – serve it with some type of dipping sauce (like honey mustard). Without the sauce, the dish is a little dry.

  • Rebecca McDade

    I love this chicken! I often substitute low fat buttermilk for the skim milk to soak the chicken in for extra flavor.

  • Dianne

    Excellent,easy to do and a kid pleaser. Followed the recipe exactly.

  • Sheri Zimmerman

    I love this easy to do recipe! It tastes wonderful and is even good cold! For a spicy twist, I like to use buffalo wing sauce instead of skim milk!

  • Kimberly

    My whole family loved it, it is very moist and tender. They prefer this to shake n Bake. The only change I made is I add more spice to the mixture to give it an extra boost.

  • Marybeth

    Tasted just like chicken fingers. I suggest using a dip as they are a little dry.

  • Molly

    My husband and I really liked this. It was quick, easy, and had a nice flavor with a crunch. I’ll definitley make it again.

  • Liz

    I agree, great recipe but a little dry. I now rub the chicken breasts with a very light covering of no fat or low fat mayo before rolling in corn flake mixture. They are not dry at all this way and although it adds a little more fat, I can now do without the dipping sauces.

  • Michelle

    I loved it. For some reason the chicken was perfect, I had no problems with it being dry…which is one of the reasons everyone liked it so much. It’s easy and tasty.

  • Diane Diana

    Really delicious. Will make it again.

  • amber

    It was awesome. My family loved every bit of it. Was easy to make, quick, and tasted great.

  • Stephanie

    Yummy! My husband and I just had this for dinner and we were licking our plates. Really good flavor!

  • Alexis

    mmm! I tried this at a friends house and it was delicious!

  • Kelley

    Another AMAZING version of this I learned from my grandmother is to dip the chicken in ranch dressing with about a cup of milk first (you can use fat-free for dieters), and then dip it in cornflakes with some cracked pepper and parsley. Everyone I’ve ever eaten this with absolutely LOVES it!!!

  • Emily

    I’ve made this recipe a couple times so far. I would recommend using a food processor to make the crumbs. I tried doing it by hand the first time which left the pieces too big and it was just too crunchy. Also, the next time I made it I added in some bread crumbs (from one piece of bread) and about 2 tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. It was amazing!

  • JENN


  • Kelley

    I LOVE this recipe. I tried it for the first time a week ago and have already done it again. My kids absolutly love it as well! A great one for the whole family.

  • Tammy

    This chicken recipe is awesome. I have made this dish several times in the last two weeks. I have only dipped my chicken in buttermilk. I find it gives the chicken more flavor and makes the chicken juicier. This is a recipe that one can make several different ways and still have a wonderful dish.

  • Melissa

    easy, quick and tasty

  • Michael

    I tried this last night for my wife and I and this was the BEST chicken we’ve ever had. I agree with the person who wrote that it was better than KFC. Very good I would highly recommend this dish.

  • Georgina

    Great dish my family loved it!
    I also didn’t manage to get the cornflakes small enough and found they were rather crunchy but i’ll try putting them in a food processor next time.
    I also discovered adding a squeeze of lemon on the chicken leaves it tender and delicious!

  • Rachel

    I made this last night! It was great and my fiance loved the crust. I added 1 tsp of cayanne pepper and 1 tsp of garlic powder to the cornflake crumbs to give it a little buffalo kick. Great idea if you are in the mood for something spicy!

  • Caroline

    This is a great dish! I substitute the poultry seasoning for chicken seasoning by mccormick instead, and add just a pinch of poultry seasoning, and I find that a hundred times better 🙂

  • Rita

    My mother found the forerunner of this recipe in the early 1960’s. It was called “Corn Crisped Chicken” and used evaporated milk to dredge the chicken before the cornflake crumbs. I absolutely loved it and still do. Another variation is to make crumbs from crisped rice cereal (dont know if I can quote brand names, but they say snap, crackle and pop).

  • gone2beach

    I used crushed bran flakes as that was what I had…Yummy!!

  • cassi

    I added quite a bit of cajun spice mix to the cornflakes when i made mine to make it spicey and i absolutely loved it!!!

  • Marina

    My “meat hater” in the family (11yr old) ate 3 strips of cornflake chicken! I cut one breast into 3-4 strips.

    What is good about this recipe is it is super easy, super fast and super tasty! There are so many variations to this. I have been making this once a week for the past 2 weeks. It is a dish my entire family looks forward to. A big IF: leftovers are cut and thrown into a salad for chicken salad.

  • mabel

    no i have not tryed it bt i want 2 try it

  • Allie

    My husband and I loved this recipe! I am always making him eat healthy foods and I think he feels deprived sometimes. I bought really small breast and he felt like he was eating chicken strips (he dipped them in ketchup and all)! Very easy and delicious!

  • Kim

    Flakes don’t stick well to chicken. Best used with egg whites. Tastes good.

  • Leisa

    Instead of the milk i used ranch dressing and instead of the poultry seasoning i used onion and garlic powder.

  • veekay

    I had no cornflakes, so I used honey nut cornflakes, and added honey to the milk and let them soak for a while. It was seriously good, when I explained to my husband he was eating honey nut cornflakes on chicken, not breadcrumbs he looked horrified! Brilliant, very tasty thanks!

  • Anonymous

    its great to dip the chicken in bbq or fat free ranch instead of milk… awesome flavor!

  • Mary

    This was great! I didn’t have poultry seasoning so I used paprika. Instead of pepper I used Mrs. Dash garlic & herb (has pepper in it). Only had frosted corn flakes which made it a tad sweet and really good. No leftovers!!

  • Cali Blake

    This recipe is absolutely delicious! Since discovering it here on this site,I have cooked it about 3 x so far,I love it so much. It is now a favourite amongst my regular recipes. Thank you to the person who submitted it. And it does make a fab alternative to KFC,truly scrumptious!

  • Mickolus

    Such an easy recipe to make. Tastes great. A little dry, but not bad.

  • Julie

    Love this recipe! A good substitute to the milk is Western fat free dressing! Delicious!

  • Jessica

    This was so easy to make, and was very happily received by my boyfriend who is not on a diet and has graciously been eating what I eat for the most part.

    DEFINITELY mix a little fat free creamy dressing of your choice (i used Cesar) in with the egg to cut out some of the dryness. it was over all amazing.