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Posted zoesmom on January 28th, 2013 | Filed under wonderslim

Today, I woke up to weigh myself.  I didn’t sleep all that great last night, tossing and turning and all.  My week hadn’t been all that great either, what with eating out three days, one of which I gorged myself on pizza.  I hadn’t really seen any movement on the scale for a week or more, so getting on the scale was not something I was looking forward to.  Excpet, something amazing happened.  I was 259.6.  I had to step on the scale four times to make sure I was seeing that right.  259.6.  I am now in the 250’s.  I haven’t been in the 250 range since pregnancy.  My god, that was almsot four years ago, or just about right at.  259.6!!  WOW! 

Needless to say, I am beyond words right now.  This is proof that if I can do it, anyone can.  Not much further until my next mini goal.  Less than 9 more pounds…just…wow!

To aid my weight loss journey, I picked up the 30DS yesterday.  L1D1 has kicked my butt, especailly my arms.  It feels like they are going to fall off today.  But its all good.  Just one more step forward to a better, healthier me.  Moving on Down to Onederland one pound at a time! 🙂

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  1. I can do it Says:

    How are you doing now? Looking for any tips and motivation.

  2. zoesmom Says:

    All in all, I am doing okay. I hit a period of about 6 weeks where I didn’t lose an ounce. It was RIGHT after this post as a matter of fact. Right after I added in exercise. I went to my doctor to discuss my plateau and how disturbing it was only to realize I did a cardinal no-no. I should have consulted with him first. I did not adjust my caloric intake when I added exercise, which stopped my weight loss. So, now I add a EAS CarbAdvantEDGE shake to my routine every day. It has helped. I started losing weight again about two weeks ago and was at 255.4 this morning.

    My tip…always get a doctor first, someone who specializes in weight loss. Had I done that, I would have never hit such a tremendous plateau and would be much better off than I am right now.

    My motivation…keep trudging forward, despite how slow it may sometimes go. It takes moving the small pebbles and stones to move the whole mountain.

    Remember, you are worth it!

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