Awful Truth About Temptation

Posted zoesmom on January 15th, 2013 | Filed under wonderslim

This past weekend, my husband attempted to try WS with me.  He realized rather quickly, he isn’t as ready to diet as he thought.  Whereas his mind was in the right place, his heart just wasn’t.  He agreed the food, while not great, wasn’t bad.  He admitted he would likely try again.  His problem however, is the problem many dieters are faced with on a day to day basis.

No matter how ready you are for a diet, you have no idea of jsut how ready you are until you attempt.  If you think day 1-3 is tough, make it to week 4 and rethink your stance.  If those first few days are insanely hard, chances are, you won’t make it.  Because it only gets harder.  Especailly when you have to opt out of that amazing piece of double chocolate cake or realize that a double whooper can only sound good but you had better not taste it.  My husband had that blunt reality thrown at him the day he started. 

I wasn’t home.  I had gone out to a baby shower (where my own temptations stood.) His sister came over and convinced him to go out to eat.  In his defense, he did call me to get my opinion of what was okay to eat and what wasn’t.  And he ordered precisely that.  But he couldn’t eat only half like what was recommended.  He gorged himself.  He realized immediately he has the same problem as I…he is addicted to food.  That makes temptation that much harder to get around. 

When you go, “oh, just one more bite, it can’t hurt anything” you can easily add up 500 calories or more a day.  When it take a decrease of 3500 calories a week to lose one pound, well…it adds up.  I have had several weeks to learn how to push those bites away.  My husband hasn’t been faced with that before and realized, he just isn’t ready.  He tried to correct the problem by skipping the rest of his day’s worth of WS.  I strongly advised against that…he realized why later that night when his blood sugar dropped very, VERY low.  He isn’t ready.  Simple as that.

My temptation was different.  I went to a babyshower and of course, it was finger foods.  I’d much rather it be a meal.  With a meal, I can easily monitor how much I eat and how much to push back.  Finger foods tend to be high in fat and calories and just three little cocktail sausages can add a whooping 250 calories.  When you are used to 4 ounces of chicken only adding 150 calories, you tend to forget yourself.  I got lucky though, my three year old helped me out and my cocktail sausage consumption was less than one.  I would not have survived if she wasn’t stealing from me.  Turning down the cake was easy as well…cake.  When you bake cakes as a hobby, and turn out pretty awesome ones at that, you tend to not crave cake, and when you do, it sure isn’t a grocery store one that tastes like sugary cardboard.

No…my temptation was later that day.  For the first time since dieting, I went to a Mexican restaurant.  I love Mexican.  Oh…dear.  It wasn’t like I had much choice.  My mother was buying and insisted that is what we were having.  I looked at that menu…tried so hard to order healthy…and ended up ordering pure fat and calorie galore.  If everyone in your life is not as 100% commited as you, temptation follows everywhere.  Thankfully, my head was speaking louder than my gut and I ended up taking 3/4 of the meal home…and in the privacy of my home, with mom not around, silently said a prayer as I buried the remainders of my temptation of the day in the trash.  The next day, I netted a two pound gain.  Today, I have reclaimed my mini goal of being at 265.  But lesson learned, even when you think you are over the worst part, temptation has a funny way of proving you wrong.  At least I had control, or things could have been worse, a lot worse.


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