I ate a donut this morning

And I’m not declaring it the end of the world. So I had a donut, I have had an excellent week with eating and exercise and I decided that this morning instead of depriving myself I would have one indulgence. I ate it slowly and enjoyed it and thought I’m fully aware that it wasn’t the best thing to eat I’m happy that I didn’t eat 6, I didn’t just inhale it and not even taste it and I’m not going to waste time torturing myself with guilt for the rest of the day or let it ruin the rest of the day. Instead I’m just going to take it into account with the rest of my calories, and continue on with my otherwise on-plan day which includes plenty of healthy foods.

Today will be W1D3 of C25K for me, I’m going to run this evening…most likely in the rain. I’m also going to yoga today so there will be a double dose of exercise. Other than that I’m pretty pumped that this is officially day 7 of not smoking and I’m feeling good. I just need to get through today…Friday is always my toughest day. I’ve been in the habit of Friday night wine night for a while where I fall off anything I’ve done all week…not tonight. It’s going to be yoga, run, home manicure, hair dye and iced tea… followed by early to bed and an 8am yoga class tomorrow.

C25K Week 1 Day 2

My legs are on fire. Literally on fire. So today I had to do day two and the big challenge was that I had to get up and do it early this morning because I have a work event tonight. I argued with myself for almost an hour while slapping snooze on my alarm clock about getting up and going. I was trying to make excuses in my head…’you can do it later’ ‘missing one day will be fine’ ‘you need a day of recovery’ and then I said to myself ‘if you get out of bed now, you can still make it, get it done and be home in time to get ready for work’ so… what did I do… I got my a$$ out of bed, put on some coffee, threw on my jogging clothes and went out the door. I thought I was moving slower today but time wise I actually did my loop a couple of minutes quicker than on Monday. It was not easy though, my hamstrings are officially running my life. I physically and mentally had to will my legs to go forward when I got to the jogging segments and can’t even imagine how I must have looked…. but it got done and I’m proud of that. I caught myself trying to stop and start walking half way through one of the later jogging segments but rallied and pushed through.

I had an excellent on plan day yesterday and a fantastic yoga class last night but to say I’m exhausted is an understatement. I cannot wait to get through this initial 1-2 week period while my body adjusts to the changes and the exercise. I have that event tonight and have packed sufficient food for the day. I am committed to avoiding the deadly food on trays and consuming seltzer w/a splash of cranberry over wine. Today is officially day 5 of not smoking and I’m still feeling fine with it. The big test is still to come…the weekend. That is where it is hardest for me to stay on the wagon. I’m going to go to the event this evening and leave at a reasonable time to get home and get to bed. Tomorrow I am planning on going to the gym and doing a quick bit of cardio and some strength training before work. Friday will be another morning jog.  I am so thankful that this week is half way over.

Feeling Pretty Good Today

I won’t lie, I really expected today to be worse with body aches after the first jog last night but I’m actually feeling pretty good! Better than yesterday at least. I’m still achy but there is nothing new and it is better than yesterday. I got a really good night’s sleep which is not my usual. I’m still feeling tired but that will fade with time. It helped that this morning I did sleep in a bit…until 6:45 even, but my body did automatically wake up at 4:30 and look at the clock. In my sleepy daze I wondered why the alarm wasn’t going off but then I remembered and easily drifted back off to lala land.

Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week at work. This morning I drove to the train station so that I can make it to Yoga after work. I did walk from the commuter rail station to my office down town so by the end of the day that will get me in an extra mile of walking. I’m doing a 90 minute hot yoga class this evening. Tomorrow will be day 2 of C25K week 1 and I’ll be running in the morning because I have an event tomorrow night. My goals for today are… stay on plan, eat planned food, walk to train, go to yoga, keep dinner light. My goal for tomorrow is get up early to run, run, make healthy food, eat something healthy before leaving the office, do not eat event ‘food on trays’ and stick to non-alcoholic beverages.
Today is also day 4 no smoking and I’m surprisingly feeling fine. I’m not having cravings (though expect that my body aches and severe allergies are helping to mask that) and I’m actually less hungry than usual. The no alcohol tomorrow evening will be clutch…cause if I have 1 glass of wine I’ll end up having 4 and I’ll end up smoking. An evening with my industry colleagues (aka my Urban Family) is always a challenge but if I stick to seltzer with a splash of cran from the beginning I’ll be in the clear.

C25K Week One – Day One

Well… I did it. I came home from work, made no excuses and went and did it. I did it even though my entire body is sore from yesterday, even though it’s late and blah blah blah. I made no excuses. So anyway, I’m doing the C25K running program with the hopes of being in shape enough in the fall to run a 5K before the end of September. I’m following Robert Ullrey’s podcasts…the music is a bit cheesey but it keeps the beat, he tells me when to go and stop and it’s actually growing on me a bit (I followed them a couple of years ago).

So… the loop I did is 2 miles. I made it through every jogging and walking section and I did not stop at all. It got a bit rocky towards the end…I really had to will my legs to go, but I didn’t stop. The podcast ended right before I hit the full 2 miles so I had an extra 5 minutes of walking before I got back to my house. It was nice to do this outside. In the past I’ve tried it on the treadmill at the gym which is just so boring I want to tear my hair out. I won’t lie…I was nervous during the jogging part, wondering what other people walking were thinking, if anyone could see me out the windows or people looking from their cars…I mean as much as my mind’s eye doesn’t see me as fat as I am lets face it… I’m not exactly able to bound like a gazel… I’m a near 250lb out of shape woman so it’s more like a drunk bear with a broken leg, but whatever. I made it, I feel good (accept for my allergies and aching muscles) and I don’t give a crap what anyone else is thinking. Deep down I know most really aren’t even paying attention to me.

I’m clocking in on Fitday @ 1464 calories today which is a lot lower than usual. I wasn’t really hungry today and ate very light which is a first. I ran/walked 2 miles and did another 2 miles of walking to and from various pieces of my commute to and from work. Tomorrow I’m going to sleep in (well until 6:30 that is) and tomorrow night is a PM hot yoga class. For now….bed.

It hurts, literally everything.

Ok, so I’m feeling good but as the day goes on I am just fading fast. That yoga class yesterday (90 minutes of hot power vinyasa) felt really good but today my body is making me very aware of how out of shape I am. It’s all that much more motivation. This evening I start week one day one of the C25K running program to get started for a fall 5K and nothing is going to stop me from doing it! But in all honesty, after that first run I am going straight to bed cause no lie, even my eyes and pinky toes are sore. Come on body, wake up!

Hello world!

OK, this weekend I had it to myself. I got caught up with a lot of things and even made it to a yoga class. I’m feeling very good, like I’m going to start my week off on the right foot! I’ve set some goals… I want to be under 200lbs by the fall. I’ve set the date of Sept. 28 which is the last Monday. I’m also going to train to do a 5K in the fall…the exact race TBD. I’m feeling really motivated right now, like I’ve hit the tipping point and bottomed out and know there is nothing to do but Rally and start climbing for the top.