A very satisfying day

Yesterday, I weighed in at 216.7. This morning, my eyes lit up when I saw 214 staring back at me on the scale. I think that is exactly what I needed to see, quick results to start out. I know that weight loss will begin to slow down, but me being someone who tends to give up if I don’t see immediate results, seeing that number on the scale was very motivational. Oh, and to add to the excitement, I jumped on again after my kick boxing class (so at the end of the day), and it said 213.4. I know that I’ve been eating better and working out, but I’m very surprised at how quickly this has happened. A couple of days ago, I said that my goal for the remainder of the month was to be down 5 lbs, so 211.7. I was told that that was not a realistic goal, but I’m feeling really confident that I can prove that person wrong, and possibly even reach that goal sooner than by the end of the month.

Today was also very satisfying because I had a great time at my kick boxing class. My first class the other day was pretty tough because I was still getting used to all of the different punches and kicks, and the names of the moves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still no pro…but hey, practice makes perfect and I believe that I will continue to get better as I attend more classes.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’ll post again tomorrow night 🙂

First Post!

Well, I thought I’d join the world of blogs and begin blogging about my weight loss journey. I’m going to try and post daily as I feel writing down all of my thoughts about my journey will help motivate me and just clear my head. Or if my blog inspires someone else in their weight loss journey, that’s great 🙂

It’s getting late, and I’ve gotta be up early in the morning. So, I’ll start officially blogging about my journey tomorrow night.