Day number one.

So this is my first time blogging on here. I’m sitting at my desk at work doing really nothing. I go to lunch in about an hour, I have left over chili and some other healthy stuff with me like a pear,apple,string cheese,apple sauce ( not for one sitting of course ). I really enjoy bringing snacks to work because I wont want to eat all the other junk the girls here bring in. My weight this week at my weigh in was 186.4, something I havent seen in a LONG TIME. So thats 31 pounds lost, at times it feels like forever away, but I think to these 3 months have gone by so fast, in another 3 months I could lose 28-30 pounds so i’d be at 156! I then get excited! I cant believe this year and how fast its going. Well thats all for now. Maybe ill write later xoxo