To gym or not to gym…

Dear Prudence,

I’m really motivated with the SBD 🙂 I’m finding it easy to follow and, at night, I make sure I have everything for the following day (that is so unusual for me, but this is how motivated I am).

However, I can’t find the right time to exercise…and it’s killing me….I feel like I have all this energy and I’m about to explode because I’m not using it. During lunch I go to a park near work, so I can take a brisk walk, I usually walk for 45 minutes. I enjoy that so much, it’s beautiful outside (even that allergies are out to get me…ugh). But that’s still just a walk for me. I need “more”.  I joined the gym near work too, so I can do some weights and use the treadmill (I’m going to do a 5k in Sept!)…but when I get there I only do weights and avoid the treadmill…why? because it’s so crowded and I don’t feel comfortable. I also have an elliptical at home, but I need to get a washer because it’s making this grinding noise…otherwise I would be on that as part as my training for the 5k.  I don’t dare run outside yet, I know I will “cheat” and just go slower, making excuses for inclines and stuff like that…

I’ve been thinking about going to the gym in the morning before work (I usually go after), but I keep waking up late!!! 🙁

Typing this makes me feel like a loser…I can’t believe how I have a way out of the healthy stuff; I’m aiming for the gym tomorrow morning before work. Mission: TREADMILL.

…won’t you open up your eyes?…

Let the fun begin…!

Dear Prudence,

Yesterday I had the yummiest pizza ever…kinda to celebrate today’s beginning…I could still eat a slice today, but it would be out of habit, more than anything else. I’m pretty sure I’m stronger than that 😀

Here we go…to the neverending journey of healthy eating! :cheers:

The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful…and so are you!