Just another day

Day 6: I am happy to report I am staying On Plan!!  YAY!  It really hasn’t been much of a struggle.  I have done this so many times before and I know this way of eating works for me.  I just have to plan ahead.  I have to make sure I have healthy options available […]

One Way or Another

I really feel motivated!  I really feel I can do this.  One way or Another! I had a little slip up at dinner Friday night.  Hubby surprised with an evening out.  Food choices went great! BUT…I had a margarita.  I was over my calorie limit by less than the total calories in the margarita.  I […]

When Life Gives You Lemons…Make (Sugar-Free) Lemonade

Ok this has nothing to do with Sugar-Free Lemonade.  And I really didn’t have such a lemon of a day. BUT…I did make the best of an unexpected screw-up. I KNOW that I MUST plan ahead in order to stay On Plan.  Last night, I packed my lunch for today because I know I never […]

Time Will Tell

July 5th, 2012 A day like any other in the eys of most people.  For me, today, today is…my Indepenance Day, my rebirthday, my starting over day…again. If you came her it was probably via the 3 Fat Chicks website.  So you know this is going to be a diet blog.  Read, comment, agree, disagree […]