One Way or Another

I really feel motivated!  I really feel I can do this.  One way or Another! I had a little slip up at dinner Friday night.  Hubby surprised with an evening out.  Food choices went great! BUT…I had a margarita.  I was over my calorie limit by less than the total calories in the margarita.  I KNEW I should have had a Bloody Mary or a Rum and Diet Coke.  On the plus side I was under calories Thursday and Saturday by more than enough to make up for the Margarita.

I found out my insurance will cover bariatric surgery, BUT my doctor/facility is not a Blue Distinction Center.  I know my doctor talked a bit about that and what could be done.  I will get more details on Thursday night. 

I have been researching RNY vs. DS types of weight loss surgery.  I am still unsure but will definitely discuss both oprions with the doctor will do my surgery.  My biggest concern now is that it won’t get done before year end.  Although I will plead my case that I have been under doc supervise WL programs before, for six months or longer, and have not had longer term success.  So WHY should I have to start that 6 month waiting period again?  Not to mention I have high BP High Cholesterol, sleep apnea and arthritis.  Makes sense to me! I see no good reason in waiting 6 months!

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