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Keeping Track of the Little Things

Officially down 20 pounds!

Soooo the other day I was like, “I wonder if I am getting enough protein…” so I kept track for a few days and I found out that I in fact, do NOT get enough protein for how fat I am. I should be getting 100 grams of protein a day. To figure out how much you should get, take your weight by 0.37. For example, I weigh 280. 280 x 0.37= 103. Somewhere in my reading over the years, I have read that I shouldn’t need(???) to go over 100 grams a day.

With me keeping close track of my protein, I also kept close track of calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and sugar. Another thing I lack: fiber. I read women should be getting like 25 grams a day. Things I get way too much of: EVERYTHING ELSE. So now I will be posting these, starting March 1st, on here as well. I am hoping that seeing them will help me SEE them.

I was talking to H2B the other day. I asked him how come he never said anything about my weight gain. Since we have been together, I have gained 40 pounds. See, I didn’t see it. Again. I just didn’t see myself getting huge. I don’t know how that happens, but I asked him if he would have ever said anything, and he said no. I was like, “aren’t you embarrassed to be seen with me?” And he was all, “No, I love you.” And I thought, that is ridiculous, but nice.

  • March 1: Cals: 2785 Fat: 118.5 Carbs: 293 Fiber: 2 Sugar: 127 Protein: 138, Walked 3.6 miles
  • March 2: Cals: 1790 Fat: 91 Carbs: 149.5 Fiber: 11.5 Sugar: 41.5 Protein: 92, Walked 2.0 miles
  • March 3: Cals: 1695 Fat: 53.5 Carbs: 208 Fiber: 15 Sugar: 78 Protein: 77, Walked 1.8 miles
  • March 4: Cals: 1737 Fat: 51 Carbs: 228.5 Fiber: 37 Sugar: 100 Protein: 99, Walked 3.5 miles
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