Wedding Diet Woes (and Wahoos!)

Welcome to my trials and triumphs!


Day 3

I just finished my lunch. The first day it took my like 2 hours to drink. Today I finished it in under an hour. Whew. And now I have the hiccups. My whole body seems to be missing whole food. Tomorrow. Just a few more crappy hours. What is three days in my lifetime? Barely a scratch. Again, I haven’t been hungry. I don’t feel tired. I am not cranky. I haven’t gotten a headache. We will see how this goes. Maybe I will do it again in the near future. Like if I am sitting at the same weight forever, or start to feel sluggish. It was not that bad at all.

Did some circuit training yesterday as well as my usual daily walk of 1.8 miles (minimum, I usually do 3.6). 20 minutes, 3 sets. My shoulders are sore. I think shoulder presses are torture devices. Who lifts shit straight up in the air? I was sweating and breathing hard by the time we were done.

Something I noticed a lot lately is how freaking cold I am like ALL THE TIME unless I am working out. I was all, I should look that up. And it was like, duh, you have lost a little layer of fat, of course you are colder. I am not starving. I eat at the bare minimum 1400 cals a day, but it is usually 1600-2000, depending on how much I worked out. My metabolism is going. I am not iron deficient. So it just has to be that my body is all in shock over the loss of some fat. Unofficially 20 pounds of fat. I could be running in 5 weeks if I keep this up! (H2B says I need to lose at least 30 pounds before I run so I don’t break something.)

My dog enjoys the walks as we can no longer take her to ANY dog park. We found one with a 6 foot high fence. Yep, she jumped it. She weighs like 35-40 pounds. She is crazy. We have been bringing her to H2B’s work like every other weekend. He has a big plant she can run around in with no where she can escape. She loves it. She ate some kleenex again last night so I scolded her and she hid under the bed. You would think I beat her or something. She barely fits under there! She is deep chested; part beagle.

Oh let’s seeeeee, what else is playing through my mind? OH! I am SO OVER homework. I have a semester and a half left for my BA. I do not want to write another paper. I don’t even know why I need to write a paper on the crap I need to write on. It is so lame. If I wasn’t such an extremist, I would be OK with getting a B, and it would be less stress, but alas! Not me. I have a 3.925 GPA right now thanks to a B. So lame. I am on the line of just being like, f*ck this. Turn in your piece of crap paper as is and move on with your life.

I guess that is all for now. Tomorrow I think I will share my whole smoothie experience.

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rayray523 Says:

Hope you are feeling good at the end of your 3 days! I still feel pretty good and it’s helped to try and get more green leafy veggies in my life. Good luck and keep trucking!


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